A shout out to flicka!!!!! Then gsxrbots! Thank you guys!


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My first big THANK YOU comes from Flicka! (Daniel):beerchug: I am sorry it has taking me a while since the Spring Bash to post this.....:banghead: With the Baby that was due, the mother in law car repairs right after the baby got home from the hospital, working over time, and pulling side job's to cover the bills of the mother in law's car repair etc.....:banghead::banghead: I made time to hang up the Hayabusa.org banner that was passed on to me.:thumbsup: I was surprised that I was chosen to carry on this tradition!:bowdown: It is an honor Daniel:beerchug:, and I still cant believe that you had me in mind for this!:bowdown::bowdown:



My next big THANK YOU goes to GSXRBOTS (Steve)! You didnt have too either, but I see that the Hayabusa.org FORCE is strong with you too! He pushed his influence of owning a Hayabusa by sending Linh this! Let the corruption began!:laugh::laugh::laugh::rulez::laugh::laugh::laugh:





Looks great! Glad you like it. And it looks like Linh is off to a good start. :thumbsup:
Whew, when I read the title, I thought Flicka bought her some Kawi gear... :rofl:

Love that org banner!

Such a beautiful little girl, you should be proud. :beerchug:
I really missed the banner when it was passed on. Enjoy it while you have it and be thinking who gets it next!

We need to dig up the toaster again.