a cautionary tale and an empty pocket book. yet a saint of a man helped save me


Greetings all. It has been some time since I have posted on the org. The last 2 years have been a roller coaster ride of sorts with my 06 busa. Briefly to bring everyone up to date. Way back a couple of years or more actually ago I had praised a certain builder and shop for their work. I thought he was my friend. I was wrong. And I paid a heavy price for it. In short I had him do a top end kit on my bike with a brock intake cam, manual cam sprockets and tensioner with a milled head and polished intake. Now. he was supposed to put it all together for me and degree the cams etc and then it would be tuned by a different person who I will get too later. The above is a summery of the list. There some little things but that is the major parts. Now when it came time to do the tune it was put on the dyno and not long after it began BANG! The engine blew up. In short the valves broke. Now at the time I was not educated in this area so I was freaking out. It ruined the valves and head and the block. He told me that it must have been a bad valve. I bought the story and shelled out hundreds more for a 1397 kit to be done. Over all I had at least $2500 by this point. I forget hell maybe more. Anyway he said that it was the valves fault basically. Months went by and more and more frustration. The shop had closed and moved 2 times. I knew that things were getting bad and something down and dirty was going on. Probably always had been but I refused to see it. I wanted to trust him and it blinded me to what was in front of my face. Anyway I finally went and got my bike when he said it was done. he said that it was tuned great. He did it himself. So I got the bike back. The shifter did not work still. and the shift light still did not work. THings he was supposed to fix but never did. Bike had several bolts missing. etc.
Anyway it never ran right and he disappeared shortly after I got my bike back so that is a good thing. I knew my bike and I knew it was not right. It had no power to it. It was screwed up and I knew it was but I had no place to go and no money left. Hell I couldnt even guess how much it would cost to correct the problems whatever they were. So the bike sat for a long time until I ran into the original tuner that started to tune the bike. He and I had just met really and I did not know him very well at the time. He told me that the reason the bike blew up was because when they put it together they did not properly tighten and secure the bolts on the cam sprockets so essentially the cams shifted and the valves hit the pistons and tad ah blown motor. Of course it was pointless to try to take this guy to court. Cant get blood out of a turnip but you can out of a nose...lol... just kidding. Im not a violent man. just making a joke. Anyhow the tuner, Carl is his name, offered to help. He had left the shop just after that incident realizing what was going on there and knew he wanted no part of it.
So Carl offers to help. He put it on the dyno to see where it was at and tried to work on the timing and air fuel ratios. It was only making 160hp when he started and when he got done it was only up to 172hp. He figured the cams were way off so we pulled the motor and he took it and checked every part of it. He checked the cams and they were so far off it was pathetic. I wish I could remember what it was but I cant. So with the cams done the real tuning began. The initial numbers were very encouraging. He got her up to 185hp and 115 fp of torque. We spent another day together on the dyno for round 2. I had hoped to see 190hp but was ready to concede to 185hp. Carl was not willing however. He adjusted some timing and air fuel ratios and BAM 196hp at 119ftlbs of torque. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I was floored. I could not believe my eyes. Finally the beast is back. We checked a few more ratios before we stopped but man oh man I could not believe it. He and I are preparing to do the Wilmington mile here in Ohio this year now because of this and I am very excited and looking forward to getting my 200mph certificate. I think we have what is needed to do it now.
We fixed the shift light problem in about 45 minutes. It was not that hard to do. He rebuilt my air shifter and did it properly with the right kind of switches and lines along with a good pump. It too was flawless.
Btw he did the tune on the ecu not a power commander.
Carl and I have become good friends during this time and I have come to have a great deal of respect for him. He is a good man and a good tuner. If he can save my bike and bring it back then I think the man can do just about anything on that dyno. I dont know what I would have done if he had not come along. He refuses to take many from me to do the work and I have had to fight him to get him to take money for all the time he has put in to this project. So for me he is a Saint of a man for helping me like he has.

The moral if this story for me is simple. Trust your inner voice and listen to that sucker. If I had none of this would have happened. The silver lining is that I did learn that there are good people out there willing to help. Thanks Carl. I owe you big time.!:bowdown:

full alien head exhaust.
milled head
polished intake
brock intake cam
adjustable cam sprockets
manual cam chain tensioner
air box mod
1397 kit J/E pistons
new oil pump
all new gears except for 6
brock clutch mod
new wish bones in transmission
brock shift rod
steel front and rear brake and clutch lines
air shifter
shift light
adjustable links
muzzy blade
running engine ice and amsoil


and the heart of a lion.:thumbsup:

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