$90K Busa

Sorry, not worth $90k. I've seen twice the show bike that is for $40k.


For 90K it better be a Yoshi X1 with a 1600 motor strapped with twin turbos and a small APU turbine for super cruise.
to each their own... but.. why a busa? just build a chopper and call it a day. talk about neutering your pitbull.... and making him wear blinders... and clipping his nails... then shaving him like a poodle. sad.
that Busa aint even a BUSA anymore!!!

that ridiculous arm n tire dont even belong on a bike, period...the paintwork AINT EVEN THAT HOT!!
? wtf is this dude thinkn, that rear end (even being full-custom one-off garbage that it is) cant cost over $10k, that paint n chrome amount to what, another $10k, mebbe $15 if you smoke some crack with it?
with a brand-new Busa, thats about....$35,000 by my estimate...throw in some "generous' donations for labor, anuddr $5k...

THATS STILL ONLY $40 grand!!!! that bike seems to be just as retarded as the seller

how I figure his expense:

$8k for the stock bike
$10k in paint
$15k in the arm and wheels
$5k in accessories
$38k spent

is it worth that? of course not.

a show quality bike also does NOT have "There are two small blemishes on bottom of the fairing, near the ground, and one small scuff on the top of the windshield."

he should be ashamed of himself in my opinion. On showbikes expecting HALF of that value the owners should never be allowing blems of any sort.
I would ride it, I know I'm probable the only one but I kind of like it. Not 90K worth but it is different. This is just like allot of the show/custom bikes I have seen. No practical use, but they different in some form or another that sets them apart. Custom bikes never impress everyone, but they always impress someone.
Why would you have a single sided swingarm that is backwards. The chain is on the right side WTF is that because of the pitifully huge tire?
(too much for that bike , but i'm sure someone will take it)
Not gonna say what that looks like......Robopti had waaaaaaaaay more than that in his though,but he had the $$$$ in the right places.
Last time I said Butt Ugly I got hammered! So all I will say is ?"Hope he gets what he wants for it".
It has stock gauges too. STOCK Gauges on a custom. For 90k I'd think at least a full compliment of Auto Meters or VDOs would be in order.