2014 Roar on the Shore pics


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ill be uploading my adventures and pics from this years roar on the shore

IMG_2108 (Small).jpg

IMG_2109 (Small).jpg

IMG_2110 (Small).jpg

IMG_2111 (Small).jpg

IMG_2112 (Small).jpg

IMG_2113 (Small).jpg

IMG_2114 (Small).jpg

IMG_2115 (Small).jpg

IMG_2116 (Small).jpg

IMG_2117 (Small).jpg

IMG_2118 (Small).jpg

IMG_2119 (Small).jpg


We were going to go this year but with HITH next week decided not to...looks like a good time...enjoy


GM of Haya's in the Hills
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well i worked last night...and today is storms all day so i am not sure ill be going up and enjoying....hope the weather breaks.
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