04 Busa won't start, nothing with starter button depressed, ideas?


Hi to all you ace mechanics and technicians.

Went to take the bike for a ride today, key switch on, lights come on, instruments do their cycle, hear fuel pump run then stop. All perfectly normal. Push starter button and... nothing, silence. Bike is in neutral, sidestand up, clutch pulled in. Battery is fully charged, 13.1 volts. Kill switch is in run position. I don't think I missed anything.

I'm thinking first to check the starter switch itself, then the starter relay. I guess it could also be the switch that won't let the bike start in gear, is there one of those that looks to see it's in neutral?

Happy to listen to any tips and ideas you might have.
I guess that stupid clutch switch could be faulty also... I always remove and wire all sidestand and clutch switches in the "on" position on dualsports bikes, so they don't cause a problem in the middle of nowhere on a jeep road.
Kick stand switch or clutch lever switch.....easy to test the clutch with a piece of wire shorting out the connectors....side stand take a bit more work but the same principle.
Shorting out the clutch longterm isn't ideal as I believe the fuelling is mapped accordingly.
Pull the drawing, nothing that complicated. Start eliminating things. Low hanging fruit first :laugh:
From the manual.....verbatim :laugh:

Starter button is not effective.....

1. Run down battery, Repair or replace
2. Defective switch contacts, Replace
3. Not seating properly brushes on commutator in starter motor, Repair or replace
4. Defective starter relay/starter interlock switch, Replace
5. Defective main fuse, Replace
It could be the starter motor, starter reply or clutch switch. I would start checking the state of the clutch switch going through the starter motor.
Thanks for all the ideas, finally got around to checking things after a busy week at work. Easy things first, if it doesn't start, everything else looks normal, check the clutch switch. It's not even that the switch was bad. One of the connectors to it had come loose. Didn't even notice it until I started looking. :pityfool: