1. Hayabusa Wannabe

    test - chrome- tags - delete

    test of tags delete
  2. Plague4u

    Vortex Sprocket Bolts

    I'm hoping someone can help me out on here. I bought a new Vortex sprocket and thought why not replace the bolts with something new and lightweight. Can anyone tell me specifically what size bolts I actually need. As you see the bottom of the bolts won't allow for them to counter sink into the...
  3. Skywalker

    Ride with My son and Detailed Afterwards

    Out yesterday for a ride and stopped by Loen Gessi NY pizza. Great pizza. Today, full detail of Blusa as we put about 150 miles on them and she was dusty. Had a guy on his Kawi 1400 wave as he was accelerating from the on ramp. The 1400 was my first seeing while out on my bike. Blusa moves...