1. E

    Saddlemen Seats

    I'm looking to get a Saddlemen seat and I'm torn on which one to buy so I'm looking for some advice. I'm considering the GP-V1, Track CF, and the Track LS. Is there a major difference in comfort between these two? The LS and CF have deeper gel channels which I think will benefit my overweight...
  2. JoshCC600

    Passenger Fit

    Hey guys I've been having a issue for years and just getting back into modding again. Problem is I'm only 5'8 and my wife is 5'. Both "athletic" build, and we both fit on the front seat..... So she's either riding way back and sliding forward on me or killing her forearms holding herself up, or...

    A Cheaper Gsxr Seat Unit Conversion???? Gen1 99

    Hi guys, So I am wanting to change my 99 busa rear seat unit for a gsxr unit but I am not spending a grand on two brackets then more money on the seat plastics... You can purchase a gsxr1000 or any other fibre glass races unit for under £100, has anyone managed to find a cheaper way of...