rough idle

  1. Busa4Fun

    Weird idle and noises

    Hello all, i have a 2009 busa with 30000kms in dash it has a moded stock header to 4-2-1 with akra mufler. The problem it had is strange idle and noises here's à video of the problem i hope it's not bad
  2. C

    2007 Hayabusa missing 2 cylinders

    I am new to the forum, so please forgive any mistakes. I have combed through the problems forums and haven't found anything quite like this. I have a custom built C Sport Racer (SCCA designation) with a 2007 Hayabusa drivetrain, flatshifter, power commander III, and a custom header/exhaust (to...
  3. mrbush803

    First startup

    Hey everybody. I recently got my dads Gen 1 Busa. He wrecked it back in 2011/2012 (all cosmetic). Since then, its been sitting in the garage out of the weather and covered up. I replaced oil and filter, plugs, radiator and coolant, clutches, and switched over to a tank with an internal fuel...
  4. Timbo Herrman

    Rough Idle...

    Hello i have a 2013 busa with 14989 miles on it. Mods Full R77 exhaust, pc5. When i start the bike it fluctuates between 1000 to 1300 RPMs sounds like a hot cam, Plug the PC5 in reset with 0 map, no change in idle, put the R77 map back on and still no change. Pulled the plugs no issue...