1. Y

    Pro street cut trans questions.

    I have a gen1 busa fully built 550hp etc etc. I smoked the transmission riding on the street. I’m trying to figure out what smoked it. I also recently took off the air shifter and went with normal foot shift for other reasons we won’t get into unless needed. Upon disassembly I found the...

    A Cheaper Gsxr Seat Unit Conversion???? Gen1 99

    Hi guys, So I am wanting to change my 99 busa rear seat unit for a gsxr unit but I am not spending a grand on two brackets then more money on the seat plastics... You can purchase a gsxr1000 or any other fibre glass races unit for under £100, has anyone managed to find a cheaper way of...
  3. Ham

    Heavy Duty Springs

    In the past i have had a 07 hayabusa that i purchased with heavy duty clutch springs the only thing that i noticed was clutch lever was stiffer. Now i have a gen2 is it a must have mod, any positives for a average person who cruises around the city. I am not a drag racer nor do i plan to...