oil system

  1. jtwrace

    STL File for Oil Pump Priming

    Before I go down the rabbit hole and draw one up to print, does anyone have a file they're willing to share for a tool that goes to the oil pump gear so you can use a drill on it to prime the oil pump? I know that using the starter is possible I'd like to be able to really build pressure for a...
  2. AndhiSatria

    Hayabusa Gen-1 Oil Pan Modification For Car

    Hayabusa Gen-1 Oil Pan Modification for Car Dear HAYABUSA.ORG As in my thread "Rally / Racing With Gen-1 Daihatsu Sirion (city Car)" I would like to ask specific questions about OILING for car use, as there are no-one here in Indonesia who knows about HAYABUSA engine. I will not use...