1. Diva

    Spring Readiness Ride 3/12 - Newbies Encouraged

    Looks like we're going to have a break in the rain Sunday afternoon, so let's ride! This ride is geared more toward newbies, but all riders are welcome to join us of a quickish jaunt on some favorite Eastside roads - Union Hill, Ames Lake, Cherry Valley, High Bridge. A nice blend of twisties and...
  2. Drew Richards


    Hey everybody! My name is Drew, been riding for years. Never owned my own bike, just rode my dads. My dad bought a Busan, it was too heavy and way to fast for him so he passed it down it me. I have a black on black 2007 Hayabusa. Looking to learn more about it and get more familiar with it. My...
  3. J

    New To And Biking

    Hey guys, this is my first post on, but I've been looking around for a long time. I thought that since I'm going to be taking some safety and learner's courses that I might as well make a post. I've always loved the Hayabusa, but I am not an idiot. I know my own limitations and will...
  4. Andy Taylor

    New To The Forum, Relatively New To The Bike

    Hi, I have just signed up and wasn't sure where I was supposed to say Hi, so I've put it here, Mods, feel free to move if I got it wrong. I haven't ridden in quite a few years, due to work and family commitments, my last bike was a Fireblade, which I loved. Unfortunately, I am now too old /...

    Hi From The Uk.

    looking forward to learning from you all about the Hayabusa engine. As I have fitted one inside my classic mini. I Also ride bikes since being a kid, But only ride off road bikes, KTMs I found you on Facebook Cheers.