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    Slave Cylinder feature

    Does anyone know what this little flange on the Gen 3 slave cylinder is for? as far as I can tell it just hangs out there with nothing attached and nothing routing around it. Seems strange that it has something that looks like it locates a dowel pin or something.
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    Howdy Y'all

    I done paid fer my gen 3 Busa. She'll be here next week, if the dealer keeps to his word. I had never riden a motorcycle before Feb 2022. Got myself a Suzuki Gixxer 250SF, and rode the hell outta that pretty lil thing, put about 1000 miles on her. I know it's a big jump, but I'm gon' be...
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    New Bike

    This thread is for the general discussion of the 3rd generation hayabusa New Bike. Please add to the discussion here.
  4. New Bike

    New Bike

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    Buying Hayabusa in Vietnam but knowing nothing about Hayabusa

    Hello everyone, I've been a long admirer of Hayabusa, i always watch from far but now i want to buy one. Because I'm a woman in Vietnam, advice has been fraudulent, I nearly got scammed the last time I tried to purchase Hayabusa. Here's a video of the busa for sale this is the only one i can...
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    Planning To Buy A Busa 2017

    Hello Every one, I currently reside in Minnesota and i am planning to buy a busa. Unfortunately i am unable to dealers near rochester/mankato/lacrosse wi who can provide me with decent price. Can any one tell me where did they buy their busa and for how much so that i can negotiate fairly with...