1. Capa

    Busa wont start

    Got my first Busa about a week ago, its a 2002 gen 1 Hayabusa. I watched the guy turn it on and off multiple times before buying it. I bought it and it drove super smooth on the way home for 50 miles until I stopped to fill up the gas and it wouldn't start up after that. The battery is good--I...
  2. Winter Maintenance

    Winter Maintenance

    cheers ken
  3. mathew3760

    Reviews for authorized service centers in San Jose, CA

    Hi, I just bought a 2011 Hayabusa. Since I don't have the previous service history, I wanted to get a full mechanical check done at an authorized service center around San Jose, CA. Does anyone have recommendations on where I should go? Going through...
  4. Davidvon

    Synchronizing Throttle Bodies On Gen. 1 Hayabusa

    Here's a video on synchronizing the throttle bodies on a 2006 gen. 1 'Busa
  5. G

    Any Reputable Mechanics In Maryland?

    So after much abuse of the search engine here in the forums AND on Google, I figured that I would post this question. Does anyone know of any GREAT mechanics here in Maryland? I don't mind traveling to the right guy. I have a bad chain break at high speeds. My 07 Busa has been sitting since...