gen 1 hayabusa

  1. C

    2007 Hayabusa missing 2 cylinders

    I am new to the forum, so please forgive any mistakes. I have combed through the problems forums and haven't found anything quite like this. I have a custom built C Sport Racer (SCCA designation) with a 2007 Hayabusa drivetrain, flatshifter, power commander III, and a custom header/exhaust (to...
  2. Grey Bird

    Grey Bird

    My first Hayabusa. Previous owner had Muzzy mufflers put on. I changed grips, levers and added prism pinstripe tape.
  3. B

    Gen 1 - Recommended Mods For 1st Drag Bike

    Hi I'm sure this has been covered many times, so apologies if so. Can anyone recommend some basic mods to convert a stock Gen 1 into a drag bike? Initially I will focus on getting the chassis right, and learn to get the most out of it, then i will look at more radical engine mods etc. Any...
  4. E

    Frame Swap And New Harness Now Bike Won't Start

    I need help!!! I just swapped a gen 1(2006) race frame over to a titled frame this week. Wires were cut under the tank around the spark plug are, which I am told was most likely done for air shifter. Instead of playing around with that harness I bought a new harness and now that the bike is...