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  1. M

    Rolling chassis 2004.. full bike part out

    2004 Hayabusa rolling chassis.. frame is partially polished it appears. Clean title, not crashed. I bought the bike complete just for the engine, harness, etc. I'm really not sure what it's worth.. Located in missouri. I also have all of the plastics if someone wants to make their bike orange...
  2. M

    2001 Busa Loses Power and Blows Fuel Fuse

    I’ve got a 2001 Hayabusa I’ve been rebuilding for the better part of 6 months. Took it on the road today and ran fine for about 20 minutes before it seemed like a small power loss. 6th gear tried to give it some throttle (full throttle). Sounded like it slipped or burped around 7k rpm then...
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    This beautiful '06 is my third 'Busa

    This thread is for the general discussion of the item This beautiful '06 is my third 'Busa. Please add to the discussion here.
  4. This beautiful '06 is my third 'Busa

    This beautiful '06 is my third 'Busa

    She's got 134,000km on the clock, but well looked after. A few minor things show the age but it gives her character. Of those, the only things to change are the front footpegs or maybe even just the rubbers if possible as they are well worn and speak of the mileage on the clock. Full Stealth...
  5. J

    Busa leaking gas

    On my way home from work right as a shifted into third I noticed my exhausted sounded as if it was running weirdly, so I pulled over and it had a small gas leak. I rode it home about a mile and the engine was running older then normal. The gas leak is above the exhaust manifold it looks like...
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    This thread is for the general discussion of the item 06. Please add to the discussion here.
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    2007 Hayabusa missing 2 cylinders

    I am new to the forum, so please forgive any mistakes. I have combed through the problems forums and haven't found anything quite like this. I have a custom built C Sport Racer (SCCA designation) with a 2007 Hayabusa drivetrain, flatshifter, power commander III, and a custom header/exhaust (to...
  9. Grey Bird

    Grey Bird

    My first Hayabusa. Previous owner had Muzzy mufflers put on. I changed grips, levers and added prism pinstripe tape.
  10. B

    Gen 1 - Recommended Mods For 1st Drag Bike

    Hi I'm sure this has been covered many times, so apologies if so. Can anyone recommend some basic mods to convert a stock Gen 1 into a drag bike? Initially I will focus on getting the chassis right, and learn to get the most out of it, then i will look at more radical engine mods etc. Any...
  11. E

    Frame Swap And New Harness Now Bike Won't Start

    I need help!!! I just swapped a gen 1(2006) race frame over to a titled frame this week. Wires were cut under the tank around the spark plug are, which I am told was most likely done for air shifter. Instead of playing around with that harness I bought a new harness and now that the bike is...