1. K

    Braking issue

    Hello all I’m hoping someone can help. I changed my back tire out and now I have no rear brake. It’s almost as if the piston is not backing off of the caliper. I’ve bled the brakes to verify fluid and pressure but still no luck only when I first start out I have light brakes but after a couple...
  2. G

    Thixxer build thread

    Hey guys, when I posted my introduction thread, I said I was going to start a build thread for my bike, so here it is. My bike is a white 2011 Hayabusa with a bit of work done to it. I'm going to go over what all has been done so far in the next few posts and then keep this updated as I modify...
  3. 2ndGenSwennes

    Need My Gen 2 Forks Cut And Springs Installed! Who Does The Best Work?

    I need my gen 2 forks cut, new springs, and seals installed. Who do you guys recommend? Im in Houston TX. TIA