ecu flashing

  1. SpeederBikeBusa92

    Dynojet PCV/PCVI Worth it?

    If I am reopening something already discussed I do apologize. However I am wanting to do just a little boost of responsiveness on my 2019 Busa and have been torn for wanting to do a PCV/PCVI or sending my ECU off to Moore Mafia (Unless someone in Texas recommends someone else) to get it flashed...
  2. Jim Bob

    Brock’s Penta Carbon

    After exploring all of the exhaust options available for the gen 3, I am seriously considering the Brock’s Penta carbon. Can anyone share any reviews of it on the G3? I am curious about and boot contact with it, excess heat on foot/leg in comparison to stock, or any issues with passenger...
  3. mat_rock

    DIY ECU Flashing Interface

    I remember seeing the ‘How to’ for building a DIY ECU Flashing Interface. I can’t seem to find it now. Anyone has the instructions on how to make one? Gen1 Hayabusa 2007.