1. R

    Hayabusa Gen 1 2004 ECM California or rest of U.S. version?

    Hi. I have a 2004 ECM from a donor bike so I don't know if it's a California compliant or a "rest of the U.S." version. According to my Clymer manual the version changes some of the wire colors. Does anyone know how to tell the difference with the information I have? Thanks.
  2. pashnit

    2024 Pashnit Touring on a Hayabusa

    2024 Pashnit Touring on a Gen3 Hayabusa At the turn of the 2022-2023 ride season, I purchased a 2022 Gen3 Hayabusa from one of the members for $15k, 1500 miles, and $3000 in mods. Hadn't even seen a Gen3 in person yet but it was nice to buy a near new bike. Promised myself that I would do...
  3. pashnit

    45 Days on a Gen3 Hayabusa - 2023 Pashnit Touring

    Prolog: Prepping the new Pashnit Gen3 Hayabusa for touring In case you missed it, Last 2022 season's 12,000 miles of touring on a Hayabusa Last year's Ride Season wrapped up with the tour alumni presenting me with a 20th anniversary helmet they all collaborated on and had made. It was an...