Turbo Hayabusa "Never Ending Project"

Pros: Beautiful set up, a pleasure to look at, and to ride . . I bet!!
Cons: Cannot see any, oh apart from the money fed into this monster.
But . . . money well spent!
Looks awesome, great job and thanks for sharing your baby with us!
Thanks man!
Pros: Long list of tasteful mods on this beast.
Cons: None
Love to see a bike so clean and with so many tasteful mods. The color matched inner panels are one of my all time favorite aesthetic mods.
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Thanks! Not many people notice the inner panels.
Pros: Sex Machine
Cons: It’s not mine.
Amazing machine
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I like the fact that you didn't get outragous with extending it. It's tasteful and looks like it was made to be that way. Great job!
Pros: Stealthy, sleek and sexy !!
Love the look, upgrades and attention to detail.

Super clean, tasteful and comfortable.

Bet is moves like a bat out of hell too !!
Thanks a lot. Yeah it moves pretty good!
Love the build. Great job.
Thanks man, appreciate it!