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Hello all, I finally got back on a Busa today after a nearly 6 year hiatus. My first was a 2006 which I enjoyed for only a short period before having to part with it (second photo).

I got a 2003 Harley Wide-Glide last year and it never really tripped my trigger, so I sold it this June and went on a search for another King of the Road.

I found it in this 2019 Gen 2 with only 1401 miles on the clock. It was originally bought by an older gentleman who only put 368 miles on it before selling it to the gentleman I got it from due to impending surgeries. The gentleman I got it from put about 1000 miles on it over the course of a year and a half, changed the oil, put the Yoshi's on, and then wanted to go a different direction, so now she's all mine.

I work in corrections so the Silver on Black was fitting and really stood out to me. I'm going to put a few hundred miles on her before the Arizona "Winter" comes and then bleed the brakes, clutch, and change the oil.

I'll take it out soon and get some better photos, so that's it for now!

Thanks for checking it out!
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