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Pros: I never seen a white windscreen before. On your white, it goes great.
Nice way to be different from all of the black Busas out there.
MattyIce 79
MattyIce 79
Thank you sir. I didn’t like the white screen at first but, it has kinda grown on me. Just can’t tuck completely in or you’ll be riding blind lol!
Pros: Clean Look very subtle
Cons: Only one picture
These Gen2 white Birds are looking better & better to me lately. Nice simple changes; the sum of the parts don't equal the stunning end result achieved! Great eye all around.
MattyIce 79
MattyIce 79
Thank you :)
Pros: Sleek, clean and mean !!
Great looking bike. The bike and helmet colors go together very well.
MattyIce 79
MattyIce 79
Thank u b417
Nice clean tidy machine you got yourself Matty , I see by the way you maintain your bike , that it would go as nice as it looks , got to be one of the nicest white '12 Busa around . Stay safe and enjoy that beauty bro !!

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