My 2008 Limited Edition #88

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My 2008 Limited Edition #88 somewhat standard :lol:. 143,000kms old.

BST Carbon Fibre Wheels with ceramic bearings
Ohlins FGRT208 Forks
Ohlins SD030 Steering Damper
Ohlins TTX36 Rear Shock
Brembo GP4-RX Billet Calipers
Brembo Billet Master Cylinder
Brembo RCS17 Clutch Master Cylinder
Brembo Billet Rear Master Cylinder [Optional thumb brake if need be]
Brembo Billet Underslung Caliper
Braketech Iron Axis Rotors
Braking Rear Rotor
LSL Billet Rearsets
Samco Radiator Hose Kit
Yoshimura Titanium Dual Cyclone Exhaust
Yoshimura Stage 2 Cams
Yoshimura 81mm Pistons
Yoshimura Head Gasket
Yoshimura Radiator/Oil Guard
Yoshimura Yoke Nut
Yoshimura Oil Cap
Yoshimura Axle Adjusters
Yoshimura 24L Endurance Fuel Tank
Yoshimura Pillion Pegs[Yet to be fitted]
Rizoma Gas Cap [Thanks Andrew]
A-TECH Carbon Front Guard [Thanks Andrew]
A-TECH Carbon Chain Guard
Magical Racing Carbon Mirrors
Magical Racing Carbon Dash Panels
Magical Racing Carbon Seat Hump
Magical Racing Carbon Tail Tidy
ABM Comfort Kit
Genuine Suzuki Carbon Indicator Surrounds
Genuine Suzuki Carbon Frame Covers
DME Aluminium Subframe
Pro Bolt Titanium [Every bolt Titanium]
SAE Outlaw Performance Ti Kit
R&G Fork Protector
R&G Stator Cover

Goodies yet to be fitted -
ZETA Titanium Front Axle
ZETA Titanium Rear Axle
A-TECH Carbon Belly Pan

Currently on order -
A-TECH Carbon 3 Piece Fairing Kit
Magical Racing Carbon Swingarm Cover
BST Rapidtek Carbon Wheels
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Latest reviews

Pros: Best of the best. I love owners who realize a Busa can do more than drag race and work to develop this side of the bike's character. This bike has the best of everything and yet manages to avoid the bling trap so many fall into. Bravo!
Cons: Absolutely none!
Love it, just love it. Would love to take it for a stroll just to experience this level of perfection.
Been 4 long years in the making and each step has been mind blowing, I very rarely show what i'm creating lol.
Pros: Everything listed, the best of the best.
Cons: None.
Oh, apart from it's not a Gen 1 lmao.
No expense spared, all top quality parts and components thoughtfully selected and assembled with great care.
At 143,000km she gets ridden a lot, but still immaculately presented.
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208BHP+ , Yoshimura Titanium Cyclone Race Exhaust , Yoshimura Aluminum Tank , Yoshi Stage 2 Cams , Pistons :drool:.... Ohlins FGRT208 +TTX36 , BST Wheels :drool:, Brembo GP4-RX +matching P2 + that exotic rear Brembo Master cylinder.......:drool: the list just keeps going on , I love it , my kind of Busa !!
Think ive seen photos of this bike on ISHOC ;) Remember the yosh tank . Not many Gen 2's with them .
Correct and only a handful Yoshimura tanks ever sold for the Gen 2.

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