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So I bought my Busa while deployed. Finally got back and took her home. Insurance and gear took my wallet by surprise but she is already lowered and with Yoshis. First bike I own, even though I learned on an M109R, ridden Indians, harleys and a busa before. Wanted to make sure and took the MSF course and got my License and I'm enjoying every second I get to ride this beast.
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Beautiful bike
That is a beautiful bike. Welcome to the forum.
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Welcome! I have a similar Gen II that I bought when I came back from the AOR. I came home in Mar 2012 and the very next day I drove from Utah to Washington and paid it cash. I still have that same bike and enjoying it every minute that I'm out there riding. Good Luck and be safe out there.
Hahaha same here, paid it cash. The title just came in this week. Nothing like riding this beast. I've put a couple hundred miles already. Winter is coming and with it maintenance and some upgrades. Have the parts, just want to keep riding so I've postponed it for now.
Kiwi Rider
Kiwi Rider
Wow! the stance of your bike in that pic really looks cool, beautiful machine and you're right to be proud of it . . . don't forget to show us the upgrades in pics when they're done k?
Ride safe :thumbsup:

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