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    Who\'s the Oldest & Youngest Hayabusa Owner?

    Re: Who\'s the Oldest & Youngest Hayabusa Owner? I'll be 50 in dec.
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    fuel injector cleaner

    Seafoam is a good fuel system cleaner.
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    sad, painful day.

    Glad you're alive and will recover. The pricks in the car need to experience what an axe handle can do to them.
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    pig spotter mirrors

    As far as seeing behind you, I can see cars behind me the same or better looking between my arms and body. Being able to tell what kind of car is impossible. I'm not a big guy either.
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    pig spotter mirrors

    These have LEDS but Amode had them covered, sanded, primed ready for paint when I got them.
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    pig spotter mirrors

    One of our members (Amode) hooked me up with some pig spotters for FREE. Thanks again Amode. You the man.
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    pig spotter mirrors

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    removing front wheel

    Just lloosen the nut and the two small ones on the bottom of the fork that clamps the shaft. Then you can just slip it out.
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    I was told that you might be able to hook me up with some black pig spotter mirrors without LEDS. Any help is very appreciated.
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    pig spotter mirrors

    Thanks man. How would you suggest I contact Goldenchild?
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    pig spotter mirrors

    Does anyone have or know where I can get pig spotter mirrors without the leds? I don't want to spend that much for the leds. Any other suggestions on mirrors welcome. Thanks in advance
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    I will finally be getting a Busa on 10-25-08. It has been 4 long years but it finally happened. 2002 Black LE with 8200 miles on it. Yosh carbon fiber slip-ons, Undertail, PCIII, carbon fiber front fender, gel seat. $6500. The guy is giving me the front and back bike stands, another hump and the...
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    What one Word?

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    What was SUzuki thinking?

    so you wouldn't know if it were coming or going