pig spotter mirrors


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Does anyone have or know where I can get pig spotter mirrors without the leds? I don't want to spend that much for the leds. Any other suggestions on mirrors welcome. Thanks in advance


You cannot get them new. Try hitting up Goldenchild on here. He is looking for some for me and is excellent working with people to get them what they are looking for. Having the same issue finding them with out the led's


I would just PM him let him know what you are looking for. I am not sure of his website to get his number off... also check ebay


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ToBeFast.com can help.....

We are pesonal friends with the maker of Pig Spotter Mirrors or ST Machine:

ST Machine Pig Spotter Mirrors: ST Machine - Pig Spotters, Pig Spotters 2, mirrors and more! - ToBeFast.com

Just call us on Monday and we will make it happen if at all possible:
Or Hit us at Bart@tobefast.com --> ToBeFast.com Floor Manager

Much Appreciated:

Team McCoy MotorSports
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Or them... All the sponcors on here go out of the way for people on here. All the sponcors are great!


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ok so no non led pig spotters available,you can buy cf ones and not hook the lights up and you can't tell theres leds there as it's under the cf..all rest have leds.....


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One of our members (Amode) hooked me up with some pig spotters for FREE. Thanks again Amode. You the man.


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can someone here tells me,can you really see from that small mirror?Of its just for show and etc???


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As far as seeing behind you, I can see cars behind me the same or better looking between my arms and body. Being able to tell what kind of car is impossible. I'm not a big guy either.


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I hav the ones with the LEDs and I love them . you get used to turning your head ( as you should anyway ) . I like the LED feature . The CF ones are sic . Wish they were out when I got mine
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