Who is the oldest Busa rider on this site??

Discussion in 'General Bike Related Topics' started by RX1Jim, Jul 6, 2012.

  1. RX1Jim

    RX1Jim Registered

    Just curious at to how many older riders we have on here and who is the oldest rider. I'm 56 and proud owner operator of a Gen I and Gen II Busa. I'll never stop riding these beautiful beasts. Shocks the hell out of some of the "kids" in my area when I pull up at an event and pull the helmet off to show a gray haired dude riding a Busa. I'll admit, I don't ride them nearly as quick/fast as they are meant to or can, every time I I get on it, past experiences kick in.
  2. Big E

    Big E Donating Member

    Way past their bedtime to reply.
  3. im2fast4uguys

    im2fast4uguys Registered

    53 here ... rode it like I stole it almost every ride
  4. Michael Hauser

    Michael Hauser Registered

    I'm over 56....and still riding my 09! Of all the Busa riders I've seen...think the youngest were in their 40's!
  5. RX1Jim

    RX1Jim Registered

    I should have posted this earlier. Some of the old folks homes cut off the internet connection at 6 pm. Hopefully I'll get more responses tomorrow.:rofl:
  6. Samm

    Samm Registered

    59 years old here. Love my 2008 Busa.
  7. spotrot

    spotrot Registered

    Well into my sixties but I give no specifics. As they say age is just a number and mine is unlisted.

    Last fall, I did the Yamaha Champions thing at Miller Motorsports.

    Just bought a black 2012 S1000RR as a stable mate and took it to Jennings -- but it wouldn't start. OK it had 600 miles on it, so you apparently can't ask German machinery to work forever. Now it is recalled.

    My 04 purple has 5 figures on the odometer and never let me down. But it has got me up nearly every time.

    For those of you who still have acne, it will be different after 50 (if you're lucky) but it can be better in a number of ways.

    I just can't remember them right now.
  8. spotrot

    spotrot Registered

    What? No replies?

    I guess a few PBR's and it's beddie time for the kiddies.
  9. Bosshound

    Bosshound Donating Member

    Raydog ?

    MC MUSTANG Peace Keeper or Ban Hammer; it's up to you... Administrator Donating Member

    Pace master is up there; there are several in their 50s and up...
  11. newman

    newman Registered

    56 here.

    Got back into bikes Jan 2011, after a 33 year absence.
  12. Busa Rookie

    Busa Rookie Banned

    22 woooo hoooo ::25
  13. bbjr822

    bbjr822 Registered

    50 here and ridind hard still :thumbsup:
  14. jefro

    jefro Registered

    55 and just did an Iron Butt BunBurner Gold last weekend-1500+ miles in 24 hours.
  15. Sum Beach

    Sum Beach Registered

    Wow! I'm starting to feel young at 39 . . . ::25
  16. Jetgod

    Jetgod Registered

    SumBeach ,you are young. I thought I was cool for being 53 but the sixty plus guy almost made me not post.I'll see ya when I'm 65......
  17. kromdom

    kromdom wannabe HOON Donating Member

    Just joined the Big Five Oh club last JAN and hope to be riding as long as I can :please:

    ::6::6::6 I tried to go for one last year but bailed for safety reasons.........with less than 200 miles to go :banghead:
  18. RX1Jim

    RX1Jim Registered

    Excellent, we have several older riders. I thought I might be one of a handful of members of this site over 50. Starting to feel better. Bring on the replies.
  19. jellyrug

    jellyrug Donating Member

    My age is a secret, but know that I will never get as old as I look.:laugh:
  20. semi

    semi Whoooosh! Moderator

    early 50's is about middle of the pack around here...at 43, i'm often the youngest in the group especially on longer rides ::4

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