Ultimate Hayabusa GPS Mount! WITH PICS!!!

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    Hey Guys

    As mentoned, my background lately has mostly been in the desert, fast dirt riding. I used a Garmin 276C for over 8 years and feel its by far the best unit out there, PC connectivity, preloading tracks, saving tracks, durability, etc...

    The unit itself is actually marketed as a marine unit for boats, its durability in wet and dusty conditions has been amazing!

    My last bike was an XR650 heavily modified for desert racing. Saw A LOT of high speed through the bumps, crashes, etc.... One thing that always amazed me was the stoutness of my GPS mount and how its built in rubber dampners kept it readable at speed. When i sold my bike to get the busa, i kept the mount as i wanted to find a way to mount it to my new go fast scoot.

    I finally figured it out today and its all mounted up. Here are the details:

    This setup isnt for everybody, but i love it!

    Parts from: Gear, Parts & Accessories for Adventure Motorcycle Touring - Touratech-USA

    Touratech Part # 065-0087
    Touratech-Locking-Mount-for-Garmin-276C-376C - Touratech-USA

    Touratech Universal Mount # GEEAD
    Enduro-Engineering-Universal-Crossbar - Touratech-USA

    Garmin Part # 276C (can be found used on ebay much cheaper)

    First off, i am doing this as i install a Soupys 1" Spacer Kit as well

    First thing, removed the pain in the butt plastic caps from the handlerbar bolts (this is probably the hardest part of this project):

    Unscrew all 4 bolts and remove them. Install longer bolts:


    Next, enlarge these two holes of the supplied kit to fit the bolts. This is very little material to remove, took me two minutes with a vice and hand drill


    Make sure they fit good and snug:


    Insert the bolts through the supplied mounting brackets. The spacers provided in the kit were too small for the bolt. I found 2 spacers at a local industrial supply price for $4

  2. San Diego Busa

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    Keep these loose, dont tighten them yet, you will need to adjust them.

    Next, install the universal crossbar mounting setup through the brackets, you will need to shift these around to get them to line up. Its easy


    Once you have the crossbar in and centered, go ahead and torque the handlebar bolts to the proper torque. Once torqued, slide the crossbar out.

    Next, mount the GPS bracket to the crossbar (keeping the little nuts semi loose to adjust into ideal location:


    Then slide the mount onto the brackets and adjust accordingly:


    It looks HUGE and in your face in the pics, but its not as big as it looks, its the angle. I still have full visibility of all my gauges easily.

    Final Pics (Its raised up high for visual purposes for you guys, i will have it considerably lower and cut the leftover portion of the legs for a cleaner look!


    Again, its kinda big and not for everyone, but i enjoy exploring new roads and setting breadcrumbs and saving them for future use and sharing with friends.

    I was also able to keep my hardwire kit for my last bike, so i will be hardwiring that into the Busa's electrical system this weekend!

    THIS THING IS ROCK SOLID and NOT GOING ANYWHERE!! I am VERY VERY happy with the results!

    Its pricey, but touratech makes top notch stuff!

    Rock On! :thumbsup:
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    Very nice!::4
  4. San Diego Busa

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    Thanks. Its kinda big and somewhat fugly, but i've relied on this thing for years and love it! :)

    Im glad the install turned out so clean!
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    UTC Area near Clairemont. U?
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    Very nice Kevin, looks good! ::6
  9. San Diego Busa

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    Thanks tim! Whole thing only cost me $30 for the universal mount! I had everything else! :)

    I'll be contacting you soon for a fuse block, as i am going to start wiring this bad boy up for all my goodies soon!

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    A work of art!

  11. fallenarch

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    Very good install and nice write up. Little on the big side though but a nice mount. Bike power is the way to go. It's awesome to just hop on the bike, turn her on and everything lights up. No drained batteries because you forgot to turn the GPS off either:thumbsup:
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    I use a 276C also. I have had it long enough that it and the street kit was $1K when I bought it.

    Here are two different methods of mounting I have used.

    Both are very secure.

    The way it is now

    My previous method


    Part Numbers
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    How can you see your speedo? Trust me, cops won't take it as an excuse.

    I'll stick to Velcro.

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    I have it raised up quite high for the pics to show the bracket. I now have it about 2" lower and see the gauges crystal clear and easily.

    I will try snap a pic of it from riders perspective tommorrow

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    I was just kidding, man ::4
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    Looks good man :thumbsup:
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    Zumo + Ram mount = done

    That is nice though.
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    I like it

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