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  1. macmode

    macmode Donating Member

    My friend has a 06 busa and needs a trans he cant spend the money on a brand new one can anybody tell me were I could get a good used one or rebuilt thanks for any help.
  2. piratediverjefff

    piratediverjefff Registered

    Give Carolina Cycles a call,usually have them in stock with back cut gears/billet shafts ready to ship and extremely reasonable prices.:thumbsup:
  3. oreo

    oreo Registered

    Just wondering whats wrong with his trans are you sure he needs a new one and not just a fork and gear replaced and under cut
  4. macmode

    macmode Donating Member

    2 gear it dosen't fall out of gear when he gets to about 8 grand it starts to bucks and studders.
  5. oreo

    oreo Registered

    O I just figured I would ask just to make sure
  6. macmode

    macmode Donating Member

    you think that is the gear
  7. oreo

    oreo Registered

    Well if I remember correctly thats the way mine acted when I had to change second gears shift fork and get second gear undercut but that was a while back. Somebody will correct me if i'm wrong though just give it a little bit
  8. StrtRac3r

    StrtRac3r Registered

    I may have a tranny for sale in a week or so, pm me with a contact number if you would like. It's good, out of an 02 w/22k. I think it's the same but correct me if I'm wrong anybody.

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