Discussion in 'Busa Mods' started by gaby, May 11, 2005.

  1. gaby

    gaby Registered

    Is legal to take the reflectors out?
    Is safe to?
    Do they really work?
  2. busahaya

    busahaya SoCal Busa Donating Member

    I still have my reflectors, don't know why but if it's theoretically going to help me be more visible, why bother taking them off. [​IMG]
  3. Pipefighter248

    Pipefighter248 Donating Member Registered

    Took mine off right after getting the bike, have not had any problems with the law.
  4. DAB

    DAB Registered

    I'm putting extra ones on my bike 'cause I know how much they irritate most of the board members... [​IMG]
  5. Pipefighter248

    Pipefighter248 Donating Member Registered

  6. werdkat

    werdkat Registered

    noooo!! reflectors == bad. In GA its against the law to leave them and the stickers on.
  7. Mr Brown

    Mr Brown Registered

    Even if it were illegal (it's not) since when do we obey the law? If you are worried about being legal, go buy a bike that can't go more than the posted speed limit in your town!!!!
    Now, go get them ugly things off your bike.
  8. MET

    MET The Watcher Moderator

  9. Mr Brown

    Mr Brown Registered

    Do you even read your posts before you submit them N.E.?
  10. BigBSBusa

    BigBSBusa Comin' back stronger than ever! Donating Member

    Came off after being abused on my first post here. Haven't had any trouble since. Think it does depend on where you are though.
  11. FAKK2

    FAKK2 Registered

    Sounds like someone needing a harley.
  12. Mr Brown

    Mr Brown Registered

    Who, me?
  13. manatrader

    manatrader Donating Member

    Legal yes at least in Washington, safe well do you ride much at night? They do increase your visibility at night, during the day they do nothing.
  14. busahaya

    busahaya SoCal Busa Donating Member

    I still like my stock reflectors [​IMG]
  15. chowan24

    chowan24 Registered

    I have stock reflectors and stickers. OHHHH>>>>
  16. hayabusa_83

    hayabusa_83 Registered

    took mine off the next day.... the are huge and stupid looking..... people dont look out for them anyway, an old fossil pulled out in front of me, in broad daylight.. and i had my brights on!!! [​IMG]
  17. gaby

    gaby Registered

    Im still thinking about it, but I already took the t&^*0 stikers out. I believe that douring the night the most powerfull thing are the llights(brake, parking).:blush:
  18. jmaz268

    jmaz268 Killin' is my business, a Donating Member

    easy Jeremy, he didn't mean it [​IMG]

    I think he meant the guy riding the speed limit. Even a harley can go faster than the speed limit but you go turn around and pick the parts that fell off every couple of miles.

    I guess even most sprees will do the speed limits now, maybe not on the interstate.

    Like he said though if you are worrying about breaking the law, you can give your busa to me. Because you break the law everytime you get on it because it is just wrong in so many ways but it feels so good though [​IMG]
  19. Postal

    Postal Donating Member

    In VA it is a $500.00 fine to leave them on!

  20. dm_gsxr

    dm_gsxr Weirdo Freak Donating Member

    I don't have a problem with mine being on.


    That's my Joe Rocket tank bag, Aerostich suit, Tourmaster Saddlebags, and Oxford Sport Tailbag. Add in the Fog City sticker (that little light at the top of my head [​IMG] ) and the front reflector and I'm visible from the side.

    Of course it won't stop some drunk from running the light [​IMG]


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