Not impressed with how loud Ear Cannon Air Horn is

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    So, I wanted to get one for the car and one for the bike. Ordered one, and finaly got it, and decided to test it. Started the car, took two wires with clips, one end of both wires clipped to the connectors on the horn, another pair holding in my hands, and touched the battery. So, I was like 2 ft away from the horn. I did place the horn so that the sound goes away from me. But you know with sound it doesn't matter much.

    I did blow the horn a few times, interchanging with blowing the horn of the car a few times. Ear Cannon was noticeably louder than my regular car horn ('02 Dodge Intrepid), but sounded like your typical dual frequency air horn. I did hold it for a longer duration - like 1 - 2 sec continuously while standing next to it since I had to touch the battery. It was loud, but I didn't hear any ringing in my ears, and it was pretty sustainable.

    Frequency wise, this is nothing like a locomotive horn - a bunch of BS. Compactness of the design is a big plus, especially if mounting on a bike. Another side effect of compactness is a quick reaction time - the LESS air to move from the compressor to the horn, the quicker the sound comes ON when you press the button.

    I am curious to get a DB meter from ebay and see how loud it is compared to my car horn.
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    They are directional sensitive.
    The instuctions show that they have to be mounted at only a ceratin angle, or they won't be as loud.
    Do you have those instuctions?
    If not I'll look for mine and post them.
    Good luck!
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    I wasn't sure what the horn was like till I did a search. Your not going to get anywhere near a trains horn unless the horn is being used with compressed air. If your looking for one for your car try Train Horns & Train Horn Kits: Loudest Horns Available

    I put a horn in my jeep like the ones in the link. Let me tell you, holly loud as hell.

    I noticed it says it has compressed air, but can't seem to find if it uses a compressor or what?
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    lol, hornblasters. that guy's funny.
  5. IG.

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    I don't buy this argument. My car horns are directed downwards and they sound pretty loud from any side.

    Also, if this horn is so sensitive to direction, this means if the car which is about to cut you off is on the other side, they won't hear this horn because it's not as loud in that direction.

    I think directionality gives you +/- a few DB.
  6. IG.

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    Yes, it is an air horn - the unit is pretty compact - the compressor and the horn form a single unit. Like I mentioned, it's good fore quick reaction time.

    It seems, this horn is not bad for a bike, but not for the car.
  7. IG.

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    Those air horns from the link are crazy. I believe those will sound unbelievably. But, you gotta have room for those to install and $$ to buy.
  8. mike1180

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    Try a bench test with the horn at the proper angle and then the angle you have, and see what the difference is in loudness.
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    Wait sound needs to be directed? Better alert those guys building amphitheaters!
  10. mike1180

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    Here are their instuctions about mounting angles:

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