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Discussion in 'Gen II Busa Information' started by brandue, Nov 9, 2007.

  1. brandue

    brandue Registered

    I just wanted to say that I am very impressed with the amount of kindness and Support you guys give to each other.  I have owned a 00 Kawa zx12r and an 04 Kawa zx12r, both have been sold and I am ready to go 08 Busa.  I not saying the Kawa was a crap bike, but I believe in variety and I love the new Busa and can't stand the zx14.  I am getting a blue on black in Fl. $11631 otd.  Thanks for the great reads.   [​IMG]
  2. Mr Bogus

    Mr Bogus Trouble Makers Inc. Donating Member

    cool, welcome! anything with 2 wheels has some social redeeming value [​IMG]
  3. craigntx

    craigntx Registered

    ah, you're one of the beautiful people now [​IMG]
  4. twotonevert

    twotonevert Member of P.E.A. Moderator Donating Member

    Welcome to the oRg! We have to see pics of the 08 when you get her home. You will love this board! [​IMG]
  5. heavybusa

    heavybusa Just another guy Donating Member

  6. Eagle747

    Eagle747 Registered

    I got my 08 Busa a week ago. After 35 years of riding and about 30 bikes this is the best ever by far. You have made a wise choice, young one! Welcome to the light side!
  7. Tybalt71

    Tybalt71 Registered

  8. Big Red

    Big Red Donating Member

    Welcome aboard brandue
  9. VinViper

    VinViper Registered

    Must be from ARS Powersports, I'm Still waiting on my org/blk to come in. That's a good price they're giving, nobody will touch it in Florida. I've also had 2 ZX-12r and 2 ZX-14. Welcome!
  10. Turbo810

    Turbo810 Donating Member

    I have to agree. I got mine about 3 weeks ago. I absolutly love it. I also had a 2000 ZX12. Along with 01,03 and 07 GSX-R1000's and 05 ZX10. This bike so far is way better then any of them. Although I will miss the 07. [​IMG]
  11. Bird Hunter

    Bird Hunter Donating Member

    [​IMG] The 08 is awesome !!! [​IMG] [​IMG]

  12. el stumpo

    el stumpo Registered

    [​IMG] to the oRg! It's a great place and glad to have another rider!
  13. brandue

    brandue Registered

    Thanks guys, I am getting it from ARS powersports.  Vinviper the one that turned me on to these guys and they are great to deal with.  I will post pics as soon as I take delivery...
  14. BigBSBusa

    BigBSBusa Comin' back stronger than ever! Donating Member

  15. GSXcite

    GSXcite Squirrel Master Donating Member

    [​IMG] Glad to have you on the org. You should try to make it to the busa bash the end of April. Lots of Florida peeps come. It would be a great opportunity to meet a bunch of members.
  16. brandue

    brandue Registered

    What part of Fl is it at? Would like to go....
  17. TruWrecks

    TruWrecks Banned

    Welcome aboard! [​IMG]

    You have now been infected by the disease we call Hayabusa. There is currently no known cure. Once you ride it you will be addicted.

  18. Wag

    Wag Evil Demon Busa Rider Donating Member

    Welcome aboard! About time you got here!


    PADEROLIS Registered

    Welcome! Here's to a smooth delivery [​IMG]
  20. VinViper

    VinViper Registered

    Man, I wish I knew U were going to get it from them, I would have given U my name to drop on them for a BirdDog fee. [​IMG]

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