MPG'S Believe it or not..

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  1. PaceMaster

    PaceMaster Donating Member

    Yesterday i wrote for 20 minutes at least...on this topic....POOF...gone into cyber space.....:banghead:
    Last week end i took my first long ride in a long time. Wanted to know as close as possible my true MPG's.
    I have one tooth down on the C-shaft sprocket.. so my bike odo shows alot more than actual. Also used my Gps the whole time. Bike odo say's 772 miles. Gps say's 713......i would like to think the GPS can lose the signal once in awhile also. so i added 23 miles to the GPS come up with 735 miles......i bought gas 6 times....yesterday i topped it off so i could get the actual gas used 11.35 gallons ONLY. the math say's 64.75 MPG's.
    as we know the on bike mpg readout only goes as high as 50 mpg's.
    Now know i am no wuss to twisting it up abit here and there... cruising 60-70-80-100...even a 154 blast.
    Recently i installed a stock air box with the flapper in there.BMC race filter. A stock air box has 2 short a 2 long velocity stacks... mine has 4 long's in there...more torque in the mid range of rpm's.. so alot of the desert cruising does not make you have to open the trottle that much.... I have had my Busa for over 11 years..regardless of gearing it would show 48-50 mpg's most of the at reno fernly Race way i pretty much drained the tank at around 75 miles GPS.
    [64.75 MPG'S] Believe it....
    Bike has a full muzzy 4 into one and a PCII.
  2. RedBusarider

    RedBusarider Registered

    If 99% of your riding was at highway speeds with almost no stops except for gas I could believe 64 MPG :thumbsup:
  3. sportcustoms71

    sportcustoms71 Registered

    this past tank i averaged 45 mpg and that's with me commuting with stop and go traffic plus a few hard twist of the throttle, so i can believe it if you baby the throttle and straight up riding
  4. vailes3705

    vailes3705 Registered

    Mine averages 38 according to the MPG readout :banghead:
  5. sportcustoms71

    sportcustoms71 Registered

    i wasn't get good gas mileage for a while running about the same as you, i changed my spark plugs and air filter and it went right back up to what i have now:thumbsup: might be worth a look, my filter was black and the plugs were pretty dirty too

  6. Trout

    Trout Registered

    I think there's something missing here. I've met a few bikes that would go into the 60's, but they were all 250-500 cc bikes. I do have a friend that got 60 mpg on a 1200 V Twin, but we found out he was running super lean. I'd want to know exactly how far off the odometer is, rather than guessing at how often the GPS had a signal.

    I did this on my own bike. I rode 10 miles and watched the mile markers. The odo showed 10.5 miles after the 10 mile stretch. I'm off exactly 5%, which makes calculating exact mileage easier.

    I did this yesterday. Two lane roads for the entire afternoon, running through the entire tank at about 60-70 mph. I got 214 miles until the low fuel light came on. The odo calculator said about 47 point something mpg. That's pretty close. One time I checked the capacity when the LF light came on, and it took 4.4 gallons. 214 divided by 4.4 is about 48.

    I've had my 2nd odo running for the last two trips, about 2000 miles of highway over about 5 days. The overall mileage is about 47.

    I think it's possible to get 60+, but unlikely, and if the math is good, then there's probably a lean condition on the fuel map.
  7. BigBadDodge

    BigBadDodge Registered

    Well if this game was scored like golf, i'm winning 27-30 :laugh:
  8. superchargedv8

    superchargedv8 Registered

    i did 500 miles over the weekend and i was getting at the very least 42 mpg's up to 48
  9. mynewride

    mynewride Registered

    i dont understand ???? My 2008 will get about 36 on average and my best was 37.8 mpg going off of odometer and gallons filled. I have witnessed my fuel economy dip well into the 20's. So what gives?

    On my way to the mid west meet n greet I rode straight to st. louis from wichita. it was all freeway cruising at 85 mph...fairly steady, however it was 108 outside. anyhow I averaged about 37 all the way there.

    Brocks headers and street meg and bmc street fiilter w/ pc3
  10. Trout

    Trout Registered

    There's the answer. The fuel map loaded in the Power Commander is probably a fat one. My guess, anyway.

    My experience with shade tree hot rodder's is that fuel requirements are often estimated too high. I bought a Harley once that smoked like a diesel and had a main jet big enough to put my thumb through. The previous owner added the pipes and the air cleaner and assumed that the main jet needed to be bigger. It had a 180, so he reasoned that it would now need a 190. When it was all said and done, the bike really needed a 170.

    Same with fuel maps... too many guys add the pipes and intake, then just guess at what map will work best. The result is often a bike that get's 20 mpg and doesn't make full power potential.

    If you get the fuel/air mixture correct, the bike will get decent mileage.
  11. PaceMaster

    PaceMaster Donating Member

    Thanks for the replies guy's.... like someone said my map might be lean... it's not though....exhaust tip is always a nice tan brown.....on the street. I have run about 30 passes at Sacramento Raceway 1/4 mile....really sucks the gasoline doing that.
    I tried and tried to get into the pass was a 10.02 ARRRGGG!!!! but got 144 mph on alot of runs.
    if it makes a differance... that 735 mile [close estimate[ was done at 5000' and above] which equals thinner air and less wind the bike...rode it a 100 miles today and used NO gas.....LOL. :laugh:
  12. moloko

    moloko Banned

    This is where mine is usually at. If I'm getting 30 I think I'm doing good! hahaha
  13. StrtRac3r

    StrtRac3r Registered

    On the highway I avg about 41-42. Riding home from work drops the overall to about 30 lol.
  14. Busa Rookie

    Busa Rookie Banned

    got 47.4 accoirding to meter after a city/ 50mph cruise
  15. Rothman

    Rothman "Professional Lurker" Registered

    Mid 30's here according to my readout. I'm a very conservative rider. I'm almost sure that it's the map I have. I really need to find a dyno tuner, unfortunately they are crazy expensive and darn hard to find when you live in Italy and don't speak Italian....
  16. The Big Red One

    The Big Red One Registered

    Thats exactly performance maps like Brocks are geared for performance first. A well tuned bike will get good power AND reasonable mileage. Folks also have to remember it takes more fuel to make more power with mods like exhausts. You don't get big power with Ninja 250 gas mileage :laugh:
  17. black diamond busa

    black diamond busa Team Jacob Registered

    I was getting average of 42 combined riding. Now that I put a +3 sprocket on the rear and now I can't get above 35 lol
  18. Busa Rookie

    Busa Rookie Banned

    that's with 16/42s
  19. mysql

    mysql Registered

    You can hit reset on your dash to reset the mpg counter and get an idea how much it's burning while highway cruising.

    I typically get anywhere from 32 to 35 mpg, but if I was just cruising, the mid 40's is possible ONLY if I keep constant throttle and don't make any sudden adjustments.

    I would chalk 60+ mpg to calculation error. I couldn't even get that on my SV650 (42 mpg typical, was able to reach 56 mpg)
  20. Sous

    Sous Donating Member

    On my 08 with 18/39 sprockets I get 50-52 MPG on the interstate. This is with newer plugs, clean air filter and the use of the Audiovox CCS-100 cruise control. I think your calculations are off somewhere because 60+ would have to be on the down hill portion of the Rocky Mountains.

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