Loud Creaking sound coming from under tank.

Discussion in 'Busa problems' started by ThatsMrGimp2U, Feb 15, 2009.

  1. ThatsMrGimp2U

    ThatsMrGimp2U Registered

    Whenever i accelerate hard, i hear a creaking sound under the tank, sounds like hard plastic being stretched (hard to describe i guess). I get the same sound when i brake hard or go over bumps. Any ideas of what exactly it might be? I have an 03 with around 30k on it.
  2. Wag

    Wag Evil Demon Busa Rider Donating Member

    I have an '03 as well and I hear that once in a while. I've never been able to track it down but it hasn't caused me any issues.


    If I find it, though, I'll let you know.

  3. 99'busa

    99'busa Donating Member

    I wonder if its in the neck of the frame.
  4. ThatsMrGimp2U

    ThatsMrGimp2U Registered

    Thats kinda what im thinking =(
  5. Mr Bogus

    Mr Bogus Trouble Makers Inc. Donating Member

    time to pack the head bearings and re torque them?
  6. Dino

    Dino VERITAS - AEQUITAS Donating Member

    Turn up you iPod it makes the noise go away. :whistle:
  7. ThatsMrGimp2U

    ThatsMrGimp2U Registered

    Im lifting her back up 2", wonder if that will help.
  8. Wag

    Wag Evil Demon Busa Rider Donating Member

    Never know. I just turn my iPod up, like SilverSurfer sez.

  9. ThatsMrGimp2U

    ThatsMrGimp2U Registered

    Read another post making me think it might be the brake line rubbing on something. Played with it this morning, ill let you know if that was it.
  10. ThatsMrGimp2U

    ThatsMrGimp2U Registered

    NOPE that wasnt it =(
  11. Pine

    Pine Registered

    A crack in the frame:whistle:
  12. ThatsMrGimp2U

    ThatsMrGimp2U Registered

    I wouldnt really mind too much if thats what it was, i want a black one anyway, but going through all that work, if it didnt fix it, id have to kill something.
  13. ThatsMrGimp2U

    ThatsMrGimp2U Registered

    nvm i just saw how much they cost =(
  14. Wag

    Wag Evil Demon Busa Rider Donating Member

    I suspect it's where the swingarm connects to the frame. I wouldn't have the first clue how to lube it, though.

  15. ThatsMrGimp2U

    ThatsMrGimp2U Registered

    My shop put one of my frame sliders in, but didnt use a spacer inside or outside it, could it be the bolt rubbing on something?
  16. Pine

    Pine Registered

    That could be it. One tends to think that the new part is fine and that the old parts are at fault.

    If a fault occurs after you installed something new first check the new part.

    I have learned the hard way!???

    Keep Well
  17. dadofthree

    dadofthree Seasoned Beef Donating Member

    Noisy slider. Good luck on the fix; and turn the ipod up ::4
  18. flybybusa

    flybybusa Rider formerly known as wingding Donating Member

    That works for all kinds of irritating creaks and sounds...wifey included! :rofl:
  19. djsin

    djsin Lily's Daddy Registered

    mine did that and it was the 2 tiny little pieces of rubber that are glued to the bottom of the tank plastic pieces, allowing the plastic to rub on the top of the frame

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  20. ThatsMrGimp2U

    ThatsMrGimp2U Registered

    Well i took the frame slider out in question and it still did it. The grommet that holds the right rear dash panel to the frame was tore, thought that might have been it, nope. Took the nose off and wire managed the hell out of the stuff in there, worthless (aside from me finally getting rid of the windshield rattle). I just lifted the tank and noticed that the choke cable was pinched between the air box and the frame, i doubt that was it but ill find out tomorrow. It almost seems like it wont make the noise when the bike is very cold, but after im on the road for 30 sec's or so it pops up. So aggravating. Its starting to sound more and more like its coming from the head of the frame.

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