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Discussion in 'General Bike Related Topics' started by BulletTrain, Jun 23, 2004.

  1. BulletTrain

    BulletTrain Call me Daddy... Donating Member

    Ran across these on just now. It was supposedly Jesse's busa. Paint by Mike Lavalee at Just thought some of you might like to see these pics. [​IMG]

    Lavalee is famous for this style of flames.


    Closer shot of flame detail. Awesome airbrush work! [​IMG]


    A shot of the chrome tank, triple cover, and the bad ass six shooter gas lid. I'm likin' that touch! [​IMG]


    Of course it had to have this on it somewhere, right? [​IMG]


    More of Mike's airbrush handywork. Cool skull work. [​IMG]


    Lastly, the Stingray hide seat. The light spot in the middle is supposed to be cartilage. Bet that shid cost somebody big $$$! [​IMG]

  2. Ride_or_Fish

    Ride_or_Fish Donating Member

    Nice paint. I'd like to take that bike on a high speed insect-smashing ride on a few hundred miles of swampy FL roads.
  3. phatjoe

    phatjoe Registered

    Ill work [​IMG]
  4. pure_ego

    pure_ego enzyme of hypoverbage Donating Member

    whATS the deal with the skid marks on the seat??

    jesse musta turned the throttle a little too
  5. BulletTrain

    BulletTrain Call me Daddy... Donating Member

    That was my first thought, but the guy that posted the pics said it was cartilage from the Stingray. I dunno... Never dealt with a Stingray other than the old Corvette Stingrays. [​IMG]
  6. streaker00

    streaker00 Registered

    It's not a stocker either, Lee's performance did the motor. Lee said Jessie came and picked it up personally.
  7. mcoyote

    mcoyote Registered

    I'd hit that [​IMG] .
  8. BigBSBusa

    BigBSBusa Comin' back stronger than ever! Donating Member

    Paint looks good, but the chrome tank throws everything off for me!
  9. UR IT!

    UR IT! MIDNIGHT FALCON Donating Member

    Those are some of the sweetest flames I've ever seen brushed. [​IMG]
  10. billbell

    billbell Jap is where it's at! Donating Member

    I like it!
  11. jusmoov

    jusmoov Registered

    I agree with you, that paint is awsome he should have continued it to the tank.  It looks mismatched. Maybe the tank was'nt done being painted.

    Reason for Edit: None given...|1088077131 -->
  12. tbonebusa

    tbonebusa Donating Member

    That's some nice frikken paint work.....I still think the guys a bit of a tool...but he has great taste in vehicles.
  13. arey

    arey Go Giants Donating Member

    Bike looks sweet> I agree the tank should have been painted like the rest.
    I have a ? does anyone know where I can find the six shooter bar end?
    I found them here in PR but would like to see prices on the net. Thanks
  14. BulletTrain

    BulletTrain Call me Daddy... Donating Member

    They're on ebay occasionally. [​IMG]
  15. arey

    arey Go Giants Donating Member

    Thanks Train.
  16. dezzy7

    dezzy7 Registered

    Great bike bt the chrome tank sucks
  17. atticdog

    atticdog Registered

    The bike now belongs to a friend of reaper's on

    paint is awesome but i dont know about the tank all cromed
  18. PaceMaster

    PaceMaster Donating Member

    Pretty cool ride..we all have our taste for mod's..isn't it cool that no two modified Busa's look the same...Our bike makes quite the "pallet"... Even all stock i love um... [​IMG]
  19. DR1300R

    DR1300R Keep On Trucking Donating Member

    Chrome tank sucks but hey its been said before different stroaks for different folks [​IMG]
  20. Criss123

    Criss123 Registered

    That's actually the paint scheme I wanted for my busa..............I'm just short on funds though:(

    My car is eating up my toy budget. Awesome flames.......................Dumb tank...............:O

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