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    So, i need to get an intercooler... anyone know a fine setup for an 06 busa and possibly some pics?
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    i didn't see an intercooler for sale in their product catalog, i saw some kits available, but i already have a kit on my bike.
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    Id call up Richard from RCC and say "Yo, i need an intercooler"

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    So I was researching this same thing the other day and came across this:


    This is a Laminova Heat Exchanger that it looks like will run you about $300-$350 (it was either this or a knock off that I saw at that price). It sounds like a pretty good way to cool a turbo bike down. I am not sure that my stage one will need one yet. I have done the second fan mod and am going to run engine ice. I'll see if it needs more when the project is finished and I start riding it.

    Let us know if you decide to intercool and how it works out for you.
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    That picture is an oil/water heat exchanger, i am in the market for one of those as well, and the Mocal/Laminovas i believe are a little different looking than that. They will help as far as keeping the oil heat down, but for the cooling of induced air you would need an intercooler or possibly go with an injection setup, i prefer intercoolers, they are less hassle.

    As far as the intercooler is concerned, i thought i saw an intercooler by itself from RCC but the retail price on that was like $1,200,. i might have to look into fabricating my own if that is the average price of intercoolers for the busa.
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    That picture is of an oil cooler, not an intercooler. Yes, an intercooler from RCC is $1200, and well worth it. Keep in mind that if you hang an intercooler in front of your radiator, you will not be able to slam your front end, and usually have to partially cut your front fender for clearance. You will also be blocking your bike's stock radiator, and may incur some adverse cooling issues as a result.

    That is why the Ultra plenum has so many fans (on the high end), and water injection is so popular - more affordable. FYI!:laugh:
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    YEP...what Frank said::4
    What boost are you running? Might not see the need for intercooling if bellow 10psi?
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    ****nowhere in my post did I say this was an intercooler......Next time I'll keep my 2 cents!!!!****
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    The economy needs your 2 cents!!....

    Ok back on subject, i apologize for assuming that when i posted a question about an intercooler and you showing me an oil/water heat exchanger that i assumed that you were trying to show me something that you thought was an intercooler.

    I have seen on many occasions in this forum where an individual says something and another person chimes in and has somewhat of an idea what the originator is talking about but is completely off.

    If you notice, when i said in my comment below your comment with the photo, Frank aka "Powerhouse" said the exact same thing i did, leaving me to believe that what i posted was irrelevant. To make what i posted look even more irrelevant was the comment that BigRod1300 said, "YEP...what Frank said" as if what i posted was just trash being sputtered by my two typing fingers..

    My condolences if you are feeling the same why i felt, but cheer up, good news is 1 person was able to give me some information that i was requesting, and not just their opinion or posting pics of something that in no way was pertaining to the subject matter!

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    No love lost man,

    I'm soooooo new to the turbo thing that I often forget that there are several different reasons someone is trying to cool their bike down, horsepower being the main reason.

    I just assumed that you were looking for cooler temps, sorry about that. I'm personally building a daily driver that I am trying to cool down from stop light to stop light (parade style stuff, lol) I originally dismissed the idea of an intercooler because the air to air would not help in this type of environment and I believe the other route is a little $$$!

    Good luck with the intercooler and if you do end up with a heat exchanger as well please post up some pics of the install and what it does for the bike.

    Either way, good luck ::4
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    I will let you know what oil cooler i end up with. More than likely it will be self built or i might feel lazy and get a mocal, however $ is always an issue.

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    Hey guys, chill out! Nothing being posted is ever irrelevant, information is what a good forum is all about. The Mocal oil cooler is a nice unit, and has been used on many turbo kits where the original stock oil cooler has to be eliminated, so posting another picture of that cooler has relevance, even though Scrappy inquired about intercoolers. Intercoolers have an entirely different function, I was just trying to clarify things and put up some useful information . . . didn't intend or mean to ruffle any feathers!::6
    My apologies . . .
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    ya it does, i am gong to ask my machine shop if it would be possible to modify my gen 1 radiator to become a water/air intercooler. if they say yes, then i will let them play with it.. I just picked up a gen 2 radiator and 2 fans for less than $400 USD, brand new, never used...

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    It looks like a radiator but internally way different, radiators are built to pass water through and get maximum surface area for cooling, intercoolers need to have much bigger internal passages to pass enough air through without choking flow and causing too much pressure drop, air/air intercoolers are somewhat restricted by fit,..... you want to have full suspension movement, full steering lock ,AND pass 400hp of air through without loosing pressure ... :rofl:
    Thats why water/air intercoolers are used more for top end stuff, there more compact and still less restrictive .
    good intercooler info here ARE Cooling (Aluminium Radiators & Engineering P/L)
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    I am looking to find a water/air intercooler, or have one fabricated.. i do not want an air/air intercooler.

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    A radiator can be modified to be the heat exchanger - you still need the intercooler itself, and a water pump to circulate coolant between the two units, unless I am not understanding what it is your are attempting to do:whistle:

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