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Discussion in 'General Bike Related Topics' started by thepushercg, Jun 12, 2009.

  1. thepushercg

    thepushercg veni vidi vici Donating Member

    will a second hayabusa stock fan fit or does it have to be a gixer 1000 somethng smaller? i have aquired another busa fan with the muzzy fan i would prefer to add it so ill have both stock busa fans with muzzy blades.

  2. Joker

    Joker Registered

    wish I could answer that question for you.
  3. FastBusa

    FastBusa Donating Member

    I hope someone can I would like to know too, I hate Vehicles that overheat!
  4. kawiboy11

    kawiboy11 Donating Member

    if you find out, let me know~ ???
  5. BIG GUY

    BIG GUY Registered

    I have only seen people add either a smaller stock fan off of a differnt bike or an aftermarket setup.
  6. mike1180

    mike1180 Banned

    I think it will.
    I am in the process of putting one on.
    The curve of the fan shroud fits the radiator if you tip it 90 degrees.
    I had to make my own mounts and weld them on, but it looks like it will fit.
    I won't be putting it on until the winter (project time), but if you are handy you can make it fit. IMO

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  7. suzuki4life

    suzuki4life Banned

    it fits if you mod the crap out of it...

    use a 1k fan and be done with it...

    I probably have one if interested?
  8. Strife

    Strife Donating Member

    Doesn't the Gen2 have a dual fan setup? Wonder if it fits Gen1? Can't be to bad if needed to mod a Gen2 fan on a Gen1.
  9. 02spool

    02spool Registered

    I used a gsxr 750 fan,believe it is the same as a 600. Good luck::4
  10. 02spool

    02spool Registered

    The gen 2 is a totally new design and would probably need to be fabbed a lot to work.Plus the cost involved,even if bought used.???
    The smaller gixxer fans can be had cheap and is an easy install.:thumbsup:::4
  11. Busa1166

    Busa1166 Donating Member

    Off Topic.

    Anyone use the electric water pump setup to try an keep the gen 1's running cooler??
  12. thepushercg

    thepushercg veni vidi vici Donating Member

    my problem comes from i have two hayabusa fans with muzzy fans i allready run one hayabusa fan and a gixer 100 fan but it needs a muzzy on it, i was just going to change them out since i had the extra fan and muzzy, another thing i can do is trade my extra busa fan with the muzzy for a gixer muzzy fan.since i allready have the gixer mounted.
  13. kawiboy11

    kawiboy11 Donating Member

    so use a gsxr 1000 fan, humm?

    GIXERHP ok, ok...just a wee bit Irish... Donating Member

  15. ObliliaWash

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