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Discussion in 'New Owners Forum' started by callmetater, Sep 7, 2008.

  1. callmetater

    callmetater Registered

    forgot to ask how much liability insurance runs on these bad boys...

    i am 40 and have a clean driving record in texas. if anyone has comparable stats, could you share rates? just want to get an idea before i jump in on one.
  2. BlueHaya

    BlueHaya I'm outta here!!!! Donating Member

    TX--------900 year
  3. apehog

    apehog Registered

    Geico quoted $81/yr for liability. Full coverage...$2270/yr. in Houston area.
    Something to think about...
  4. apehog

    apehog Registered

    Forgot to mention that $2200+ was with a clean record and a 45+ rider. Maybe you need to buy with cash or a CC and figure on being REAL CAREFUL!
  5. DevilDawg1

    DevilDawg1 Registered

    42 with clean driving record.

    Check with State Farm. Full Coverage on my K8 Busa is about 700 a year with a 500 deductible.

    All my insurance is with them. When your vehicles are with them they only go by the CC size of the engine.

    Yes, this means it is cheaper to insure a 1340 CC Busa, than it is to insure a 2000 CC, Kawi Vulcan.

    If State Farm in TX is the same as State Farm in GA, may be worth changing insurance companies.
  6. callmetater

    callmetater Registered

    i have state farm on vehicles and house...will call them tomorrow...just wanted to get an idea..thanks
  7. dilligaf

    dilligaf Registered

    State Farm and full coverage. $1000 ded costs me about $600 per year.
  8. callmetater

    callmetater Registered

    $81 a yr for liability??? is that right or did you forget a zero?
  9. rdd102781

    rdd102781 Registered

    26 Years old, one speedding ticket, married, all my insurance is with state farm and I was quoted at $54/month full coverage with 1000 ded. So, I am almost positive that yours would be cheaper.
  10. Htown Busa

    Htown Busa Registered

    I live in Spring, TX and Liab is $121/yr with Progressive.
  11. Danno$$

    Danno$$ Registered

    24 yo clean record arkansas, about 3500/year full cvg.
  12. 300Busa

    300Busa Chillaxin... Donating Member

    State farm is the cheapest. I am 26 and payed $30 a month for full coverage. They go by CC and not the type of bike.
  13. V-Max 2 Busa

    V-Max 2 Busa Registered

    I pay $74 a year for liability with Progressive for the Busa and an 03 V-Max, actually multiple vehicles are cheaper than just one, go fugure.
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  14. CTA_Busa_LE

    CTA_Busa_LE Donating Member

    I've got my 06 through Country Financial, aka Country Companies. I know they are not a nationwide company but cover quite a few states.

    I'm 36 and married with spotless record, last claim was over 18 years ago. 500 ded on 100/300/100 coverage costs me around 375/year give or take a few dollars. Been awhile since I looked at my policy.

    And they beat state farm on my vehicles as well. I got quotes through both when I was looking at adding the busa.
  15. dilligaf

    dilligaf Registered

    It's your zip code too. Mine is cheaper in Orlando than it was in St. Petersburg.
  16. Cerberus

    Cerberus Donating Member

    I'm 33 with just liability through Geico, $89 for the year.
  17. Sloto200

    Sloto200 Off we go, into the wild blue yonder... Donating Member

    Live in north texas in wichita falls... was paying just over 800 a year with USAA (been with them since they had motorcycle insurance but they dont give it anymore) i'm 35, married with a clean record. That was full coverage and $500 deductable.
  18. Falcon Wing

    Falcon Wing Registered

    I am in Colorado, 38, clean record, full coverage w/ State Farm $283 for an 05 Busa. I have 2 cars w/ them too. Been with State Farm since 1986, so I got some sort of a discount for that.
    Progressive, was $428, and that was with the two other bikes I have with them already.

    Glad I read on there that state farm bases it only on CC's.
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  19. Texas_Heat

    Texas_Heat Registered

    clean record full coverage 42
    2008 2400$ yr,
    2006 1300$ yr.
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  20. Billy Busa

    Billy Busa Banned

    Im 44 and been riding all summer without insurance, probably not such a good idea.
    Can you get in trouble for riding a un-insured motorcycle?

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