Front Brake Caliper Upgrades?

Discussion in 'Busa Mods' started by OceanStateTuning, Apr 1, 2012.

  1. OceanStateTuning

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    Hey guys, I am a new Hayabusa owner here. The Bike I bought is a 99 but the previous owner had it setup for 1/8 mile drag and only 1 front caliper/rotor and no rear. He gave me the rear brake stuff but does not have one of the front calipers and rotors. I am not sure how these bikes are but if I have to buy a caliper anyway I figure I might aswell see if there is a reasonably priced upgrade. I know my old RC51 one of the big upgrades were 04+ Yamaha R1 calipers and master. Anyway I tried searching but didn't seem to come up with anything good yet, if you guys could toss out some suggestions that would be great. Bike makes 275whp so a little extra stopping power could be useful.

  2. Big E

    Big E Donating Member

    I would say change up the forks to a Gen 2 set up. You would have a lot more options.
  3. OceanStateTuning

    OceanStateTuning Registered

    Direct bolt in? Do you need to swap Tripple's?
  4. Busashot

    Busashot Registered

    Yep, the 99-07 use Linear mounted calipers where the Gen 2 and your RC51 have the Radial mounted calipers. Your best bet is newer Gen II forks and change the calipers to Kawasaki 6R/14R Nissin calipers. But if you are trying to save a few coins, just find another stock rotor and caliper, upgrade the brake pads, upgrade brake lines as well as the master cylinder and you'll be fine.
  5. OceanStateTuning

    OceanStateTuning Registered

    Are the front axles / tripple and all the hardware the same, if it's just as simple as changing the forks then I might do it, What rotors do you use?

    You're probably right on just go with the stock stuff with good pads, but I'll price out both ways and see what my better route will be, trying not to sink a whole bunch of money into this bike as the wife still doesn't know about it and will kick my ass greatly when she finds out :banghead:
  6. Busashot

    Busashot Registered

    I think all you need are the forks from the Gen II but not 100% sure.

    GIXERHP ok, ok...just a wee bit Irish... Donating Member

    You can do the gen2 forks, and still use your wheels, with spacers, on the calipers as well as the axle!

    GIXERHP ok, ok...just a wee bit Irish... Donating Member

    If some one could measure the center to center, of the forks with metric rule, and then measure the sanctions at the 2 clamping areas, it would help greatly!
  9. 1busa

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    If you got a Gen1 busa why not just do a Brembo Front caliper upgrade? You can buy the conversion brackets at several sites online and can upgrade with 65mm or 100mm brembo calipers you can buy used off ebay. Even throw in a Brembo master cylinder and that should stop you on a dime. Should be alot cheaper than buying Gen2 forks rotors, bearings, axle, etc...... I have a Brembo set up on my 03 Busa and it was night and day in comparison to my stock brake set up.
  10. dadofthree

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    Best of luck, search is your friend :laugh:
  11. Nitro Hippy

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    Im a firm believer in "Its better to stop well then to go fast." mentality.
    That being said, I pull the stock calipers and rebuilt them. I added SS lines and EBC HH Sintered pads. Stops very in comparison to a friends with the Brembo conversion.
    The Brembo conversion is still better. However, without getting that far into the wallet, this is a great alternative.
    The up shot is this can be done on the cheap and you can always squirrel away the parts in the future for the Brembo conversion.

    Just my .02
  12. Rothman

    Rothman "Professional Lurker" Registered

    I agree with the Brembos. I've got braided lines and HH pads and they are better no doubt but not even close to what a full Brembo setup can do. Those things are sticky! It actually takes quite a bit of getting used to because they clamp so hard.
  13. pan

    pan Registered

    Has anyone ever done a thread on the Brembo conversion for a Gen 1? I tried "search", but got some odd looking threads! :banghead:
  14. 1busa

    1busa Registered

    Yes you hear people talk about brembos and you think its hype well its not. I had tried to upgrade my stock system with SS lines and HH pads along with a mastercylinder rebuild. I felt a slight improvement but nothing to how those Brembos gripped after i installed them :thumbsup:
  15. 1busa

    1busa Registered

    The thread for the Brembo conversion is tricky, there is a bit here and a bit there. Had to go to a couple different forums b4 i had a complete "how to" set up. There are some websites that will sell you a complete package for an outrageous amount of $$$ but i used ebay and pieced my own set up together. I have an xtra set of 100mm brembo bracket mount mount adapters if anyone is interested pm me
  16. phil823

    phil823 Registered

    would be interested in learning more about brembo calipers and such #1
  17. OceanStateTuning

    OceanStateTuning Registered

    Will 08+ Rotors fit on 99+ bikes?
  18. 1busa

    1busa Registered

    No I believe the spacing is different on the Gen2's compared to the Gen1.
  19. OceanStateTuning

    OceanStateTuning Registered

    Ah yeah looking at the pics it looks that way, So I fixed my brakes with 99 parts/EBC but its time to upgrade, so what I need is:
    99-07 Rotors
    99-07 SS Brake Lines?
    08+ Forks
    ZX6R/ZX14R Nissin Calipers
    It should all bolt together?

    Any upgrades for the master or rear caliper?
  20. Busashot

    Busashot Registered

    I would invest in a good Brembo MC. It will give you a more positive feel and rid most of the sponginess compared to the stock MC.

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