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Discussion in 'Random Thoughts' started by MrsFlicka, Apr 25, 2010.

  1. MrsFlicka

    MrsFlicka Registered

    On the way home from the Bash today, Daniel had a wreck on the skyway. A strong gust of wind hit him in a curve and pushed him into the guard rail. He wasn't speeding, but everyone who started their drive home today can testify as to how windy it was. He's okay--beaten up pretty badly, but he's home. I had driven separately in my car, so I wasn't with him. We took different routes, and he didn't have cell phone service where he crashed, so I didn't know about it until I was almost home. Several people stopped to help him and make sure he was okay, and one family even gave him a ride to meet me in Tennessee on their way home. The bike is in several pieces, it was taken to Robbinsville by a wrecker, and is a total loss.
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  2. outlawbusa

    outlawbusa 1 wheel up aero testing Donating Member

    I am glad it was the bike under the guard rail and not him. Best of luck and hope he heals up quickly from his bounce~!~


    Wow im glad he is ok.
  4. ajblbv

    ajblbv Donating Member

    Glad he's alright ::4

    Sorry for his bike, but that is what insurance is for.
  5. Dr E

    Dr E Donating Member

    Glad he is doing OK...and good on those who helped getting him home to you!
  6. chrisjp

    chrisjp GM of Haya's in the Hills Donating Member

    good on the gear...glad he is ok....
  7. DR1300R

    DR1300R Keep On Trucking Donating Member

    Wow.. So sorry to hear but so glad he is alright.. Did he go get check out at the hospital? If he didn't he should.. :whistle:
    We will keep you on our prayer list as well..

    MC MUSTANG Peace Keeper or Ban Hammer; it's up to you... Administrator Donating Member

    Wow... I am so sorry to hear this. Please be sure and give us updates - and let us know what you both need. My thoughts and prayers go out to you both.

  9. Vonderbach

    Vonderbach Your AD here! Donating Member

    He needs to play the lottery tonight....that was the worst looking bike wreckage I have ever seen where the rider is "ok."

    Walking away never felt so good I'm sure. Wish him a speedy recovery, what little he may have.
  10. cipher5791

    cipher5791 Registered

    Glad he made it out okay.::6 I have to say from the looks of the bike, It don't look like it.
    Happy healings and hurry up so you can get back on one again.
  11. BusaWhipped

    BusaWhipped Moderator

    Wow. Glad it was only the bike and not Daniel and you.
  12. mofuggahere

    mofuggahere Donating Member

    Hope he recovers quickly.
  13. juicey69

    juicey69 Registered

    sorry 2 hear that,glad he's OK
  14. B@DA$$08BUS@

    B@DA$$08BUS@ Donating Member

    Glad he's gonna be ok. Bike looks pretty bad, he's lucky.
  15. skydivr

    skydivr Jumps from perfectly good Airplanes Donating Member

    Holy cow. Am so glad to hear he's OK, considering how bad the bike looks he is very lucky. Glad that good gear helped. Please give him our best; the bike CAN BE REPLACED.
  16. fishhook

    fishhook Registered

    Glad to hear he is OK!
  17. twotonevert

    twotonevert Member of P.E.A. Moderator

    wow, I am glad he is ok and home. very sorry about the bike, but it can be replaced.
  18. BUBBA

    BUBBA Foghoon Leghoon Donating Member

    So very sad to hear this, but I am glad he will be okay.
    Prayers for him and for you and the family.
  19. StromBusa

    StromBusa Registered

    Wow, he wadded that one up. Very lucky to be ok. He'll be sore tomorrow.
  20. BigBSBusa

    BigBSBusa Comin' back stronger than ever! Donating Member

    Oh, I'm so sorry to hear this. The winds on the Skyway were pretty bad yesterday and agree they were strong going home. Let us know what you need and know we are thinking about you guys.

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