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Discussion in 'Random Thoughts' started by mr8ball, May 21, 2011.

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    Hey all, We have the air show in town for 2 days and man this city is not ready for it. My wife and I went today and it was 25K+ people there. We had to be shuttled in and out and it took us 2 hrs to get back to our car. Here are a few pics I took. The Blue Angels were here and they put on a pretty good show. The rest was not worth the trip to see but you never know until you get there. The vendors were really ripping people off with the food prices. 3 buck for a drink and 8 bucks for chicken tenders (4). Man what a joke. I took over 500 pics but my connection is so slow I just cant up load but a few

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    very nice thanks for sharing :thumbsup:
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    You whent to a party...and got ripped. :laugh:


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    Nice pics ! :thumbsup:
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    Id love to see the Angels fly someday.

    I hear ya on the food thing, I wont often go to day long events just for that reason. I can see it being a bit more expensive due to logistics, but $2 per tender, thats insane!!
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    They were getting people on everything. It was 8 bucks for a hamburger. 4 for a cup of soft serve ice cream. Of course they would not let you bring anything to the show. I just don't understand it. They would sell 2 times as much if they would just cut the prices in half. I wont ever go back just for that reason alone. It's a shame that GREED has taken over our country. I am planning to send the host of the show a letter and let them know how I feel but I am sure it will not matter to them.
  7. Jet Li

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    Love to watch the Blue Angels, their home is right here in Pensacola!!

    Watch em twice a year at the beach and at NAS Pensacola.

    Looks like a good time, thanks for the pics!

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    It is unfortunate that the Blue Angels and the Thunderbirds get involved in these air shows that are more about greed than anything else. Here in New York, we have a Memorial Day air show at Jones Beach every year. One year the Angels show up, the next, the Thunderbirds. This year was supposed to be the Air Force Thunderbirds, but they couldn't make it, because they are doing an air show in FRANCE! That blew me away. Last year, I made a special request, and was rebuffed. You see, the airport that all the participants fly out of is Republic Airport in Farmingdale, New York. Republic is 1/2 mile away from one of the largest military cemetaries in New York - there are 300,000 men and women interred there, my father - a 25 year Navy veteran who fought in WWII, Korea, and Viet Nam is buried there. He was an avid Blue Angels fan and a dedicated veteran; he took me to see the Blue Angels at several different Navy bases when I was still a little kid. Here was my request: since the airport is only 1/2 mile away from the cemetary, could the Blue Angels do a "fly over" on the day of the show? Isn't that what it is about? Out of respect for all the veterans buried there, it would be the right thing to do . . . or so I thought. I was ignored. So, now I am pissed at the Blue Angels, and before they show up next year, I am going to blast them, the newspapers, and all the idiots who are sponsoring these shows . . .::25
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    Wow..... that's sad. I can see that being a PR event for them if nothing else.

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    I thought it was sad to see all the high prices for EVERYTHING INVOLVED! The police were in on everything around runing people away from any vacant lot it was very very sad indeed. 15.00 in advance 20.00 at the gate, little shops got in on the deal where you could see them flying over 10.00 to park anywhere in site of them, as said before after you were in they had you 4.00 for a 12oz water, 5.00 soda witch was mostly ice, 4.00 lil in mean lil scoop of ice cream. 50 people had to go to the hospital from dehydration just a bad deal all together.
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    I have not herd how todays show went. I am hoping that they changed some things after Sat. I am planning to watch the news tonight and see what they have to say about it. Its sad to say but I don't think I would ever go back.
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    the prices of everything are stupid high, we go to the nhra races every year and a few concerts and spend more on food and drinks than the dang tickets. took the kids to the circus last year and I was PO'ed whe we got there cause the tickets were $28 us and $20for kids each, like the adults really get that much enjoyment out of it.

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