2009 GSXR busa colors

Discussion in 'Gen II Busa Information' started by Billy Busa, Sep 13, 2008.

  1. Billy Busa

    Billy Busa Banned

    France is confirming the new 09 Suzuki Hayabusa colors, I have pics here, enjoy, no motor upgrades, just 4 new models and for the 10 year a copper tribute to the 1999.
  2. Billy Busa

    Billy Busa Banned

  3. DanS

    DanS Registered

    I like the silver
  4. Mr Bogus

    Mr Bogus Trouble Makers Inc. Donating Member

    I see the govt stopped the production and sale of the Red ones......

    were too fast.....

  5. street racer

    street racer Donating Member

    Damnnnnn...no red one. Guess I will have to find a pristine 2007.
  6. Kainedogg

    Kainedogg Registered

    That may be a good idea if you just want the spaghetti without the meat balls.
  7. Cblast

    Cblast I want mine to say Pauly Walnuts! Donating Member

    :rofl: He said "meatballs"! :rofl:
  8. kayabusa

    kayabusa Registered

  9. boriqua_n_co

    boriqua_n_co Registered

    Black looks good, but I would not trade my orange for anything :laugh:

    BIKE DUDE Donating Member

    I'll stick with my orange and black thanks.:laugh:
  11. boriqua_n_co

    boriqua_n_co Registered

    +1 :thumbsup:
  12. dalynchmob4

    dalynchmob4 Donating Member

    Orange/Black all the way :thumbsup: :cheerleader:
  13. B@DA$$08BUS@

    B@DA$$08BUS@ Donating Member

    Seriously, we are :deadhorse: with all these 2009 color threads. No one knows for sure, we all can only speculate. Lets just :please: that time passes quickly and we find out SOOOOOOOOON. Vegas show is this weekend(I think) so should know reallllllllll soon for sure!
  14. BusaWizard

    BusaWizard On a Steel Horse I ride. Donating Member

    Ye Baby, :cheerleader::cheerleader::banana:
  15. street racer

    street racer Donating Member


    Are you taking your bike trick or treating ????
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  16. Billy Busa

    Billy Busa Banned

    2008 colors are better than 2009, i will stick to my blue/gold.
  17. CCbusa05

    CCbusa05 Donating Member

    It ain't a busa, but heres some 09 GSX-R1000 eye candy for ya!
    I HOPE the busa comes with a similar color scheme!! ENJOY!

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  18. Kainedogg

    Kainedogg Registered

    Sweet Mother of Obama!! I like...
  19. CCbusa05

    CCbusa05 Donating Member

    Just talked with my local dealer...................he'll telephone me Monday the 29th as soon as he gets the scoop on 09 colors! Then he'll be ordering my color of choice ASAP thereafter! BUT, we might get info sooner in that in a matter of hours from now the Paris showing of all the new Suzuki models is scheduled!?
    This vacant, in between bikes feeling, has me pacing like a caged lion! Whew! :banghead:
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  20. steven

    steven Registered

    In between bikes, huh bro?? You're not alone. There should be a support group for this unfortunate phenomenon!

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