swing arm extension

  1. pathik810

    Bolt on Extended Swingarm - 2019 Hayabusa (ABS version)

    Hi Guys, I know a lot of threads are discussing over the extended swing arm and bolt on swing arm extensions. However I am specifically looking for bolt on swing arm extensions and I have some simple questions that I have not been able to find answers for from any threads. I am posting my...
  2. nitroid

    Suicide Suzie

  3. M

    To Do Or Not To Do Is The Question

    I have a 2014 Busa I like to stand it up from time to time but as I've gotten older (45+) I don't do it as much. I'm considering extending the swing arm and putting a fat tire on but will I still be able to stand it up from time to time if I do? At least a power wheelie if not a clutch wheelie...

    Quality Swingarm Extensions

    Hey, new owner here and wanting to stretch it out a little bit. I've read quite a bit of mixed opinions on them but have decided to try them out with additional weld for extra security. Can anyone tell me if FTD customs' extensions are high quality?