1. BusaAddict

    Gears not smooth on low rpm

    Hello everyone. I have an issue on first, Second and third gear on my 2005 Busa. I can't drive smoothly on low rpm having 1st 2nd or 3rd gear in . For a ride in the city For example on low rpm is like it need more throttle to be smooth but can not speed in the city, it's like when u are driving...
  2. D

    Reading 0 Rpm Around 5600 Rpm

    So I have a Gen 1 motor in a mini sandrail. I ran a NA motor for the last 12 years. Over a year ago my bottom end went out so I picked up a new (used gen 1) with a turbo kit. Not sure the kit brand. pretty sure it's custom setup. Anyways. I'm running stock ECU with PC5. I got it in the car and...