power commander

  1. v2race

    NEW Gen II Power Commander V 2008-2018 $295 FREE Shipping!

    FOR SALE: 2008-2018 Hayabusa Generation II Dyno-Jet Power Commander V. Part# 20-008. NEW in Box. Never Used. All items included: Power Commander V, USB cord, O2 sensor plug, decals, Full installation & download instructions. New Price: $399.00. SALE Price ONLY $295.00 with FREE Shipping! Contact...
  2. D

    Reading 0 Rpm Around 5600 Rpm

    So I have a Gen 1 motor in a mini sandrail. I ran a NA motor for the last 12 years. Over a year ago my bottom end went out so I picked up a new (used gen 1) with a turbo kit. Not sure the kit brand. pretty sure it's custom setup. Anyways. I'm running stock ECU with PC5. I got it in the car and...