1. childwithabusa

    Need Help Dont know where to start

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  2. Need Help Dont know where to start

    Need Help Dont know where to start

    my recently bought 2006 Hayabusa has problems I don't know where to start. the bike has a pcV on it not sure what tune it has, it will occasionally die at random while really getting on it, it surges and bogs down as the headlight will go in and out, the previous owner told me it might need a...
  3. lb2e04x

    Ra L3 Le 2013...the Yellow One

    Having very little knowledge in this area, is it worth buying a Power Commander 5 and LCD. Whats the actual difference to performance?. Will the mode selector stop working. Do I need more than the PC like fuel and boost. All a mystery to me. But it's still £500 ish Thank for and info Dave...
  4. D

    Reading 0 Rpm Around 5600 Rpm

    So I have a Gen 1 motor in a mini sandrail. I ran a NA motor for the last 12 years. Over a year ago my bottom end went out so I picked up a new (used gen 1) with a turbo kit. Not sure the kit brand. pretty sure it's custom setup. Anyways. I'm running stock ECU with PC5. I got it in the car and...