1. M

    2001 Busa Loses Power and Blows Fuel Fuse

    I’ve got a 2001 Hayabusa I’ve been rebuilding for the better part of 6 months. Took it on the road today and ran fine for about 20 minutes before it seemed like a small power loss. 6th gear tried to give it some throttle (full throttle). Sounded like it slipped or burped around 7k rpm then...
  2. S

    Impossible to find this oil hose!?!?

    I recently bought myself a busa and just going through anything it may require when i came across this oil leak. At first i thought it was a gasket, but there’s very good chance upon closer inspection that it’s a old hose leaking. I’d like to replace it but can’t find the darn part number or...
  3. Cuztembusa03

    Princeton, Per, LaSalle, Illinois?

    Is anyone from around the area? Am needing help with a few things on my 03 am beyond frustrated with it....from Princeton here.
  4. Cuztembusa03

    Wire placement!!

    First off I have a 2003 that I purchased new plastic for and also had to do some rewiring for the front lights and gauges.... Now I'm having issues on where exactly the wires will sit so that my plastic fits correctly can anybody send me pictures of how they have their wiring done so that it...