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    2013 busa shutdown when cluch applied to 1st.

    I have a two thousand and thirteen hayabusa. It shuts down when you engage 1st gear after 5 minutes of riding. After it cools down, it is fine for a minute of riding. When it is warm and you engage the clutch gear it shuts down immediately. It starts up every time in neutral. It starts up when...
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    custom gen 2

    This thread is for the general discussion of the item custom gen 2. Please add to the discussion here.
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    custom gen 2

    2015 gen 2 Hayabusa. Conversion using the very talented Greggs customs USA rear billet side arms and battery tray along with Corbin seat, the rest of the tail is made up with self sourced gsxr1000 k7/k8 tail plastics, seat passenger subframe which means your exising lock and cable fit, and...
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    Gen 2 Dashboard Gauges Stop Working Mid Ride

    I have a 2011 Busa. I was riding the bike and mid ride with friends the bike had no turn signals brake lights everything had zero like I had powered the bike down although I still was able to shift gears and the headlight and clock still remained on... This happened right after I hit a small...
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    Rear brake caliper with play or rigid?

    So I looked up my question and didn't find a definite answer. Should my rear brake caliper on my 2012 Hayabusa have a slight bit of forward and back play or should it be rigid? The amount of play is maybe an eighth of an inch. Distance of play is marked with a dot from a sharpie pen.