1. M

    Can you identify these wire’s uses?

    I want to know the uses of the instrument/ gauge cluster wires and their colors I included a picture of the cluster, there are 13 wires, but 16 slots. This is a 2011 hayabusa. Thanks in advance.
  2. Dansch06limited

    Can Anyone Identify These Parts?

    I bought a set of gauges for my hayabusa build & after they arrived i seen these 2 boxes mounted on the back. They are actually mounted to the gauge stay/ bracket. I've had a few types of illumiglo type gauges & these have them as well but I know these boxes are not for them. Does anyone know...
  3. LC1 DB gauge installed

    LC1 DB gauge installed

    Lc-1 DB gauge instaled
  4. busaboy