1. Y

    Pro street cut trans questions.

    I have a gen1 busa fully built 550hp etc etc. I smoked the transmission riding on the street. I’m trying to figure out what smoked it. I also recently took off the air shifter and went with normal foot shift for other reasons we won’t get into unless needed. Upon disassembly I found the...
  2. S

    Gen 3 Turbo Hayabusa 600HP at Dragstrip

    Bikes been 187MPH in the 1/4 mile on stock wheel base
  3. 2ndGenSwennes

    Need My Gen 2 Forks Cut And Springs Installed! Who Does The Best Work?

    I need my gen 2 forks cut, new springs, and seals installed. Who do you guys recommend? Im in Houston TX. TIA
  4. Bigboy Busa2

    Dragbike Battery

    have a ballistic on a street legal for about 2 years and love it. have a track bike now and really want a maintainer. looking at the wps and there battery's and maintainers are much cheaper and I cant find any negatives about them. somebody give me the scoop on the pros and cons