1. V

    2001 Hayabusa Boggs And Sputters Help!!!!!! Please And Thank You

    My 2001 Hayabusa is having some crazy issues. The bike will idle at about 1600 rpm with no problem. As i start to ride it starts off fine. After about 10-20 minutes, my rpm will drop to barely 1k and the bike will start puttering and bucking as if no fuel. Recently i was riding and it started...
  2. jasonc32amg

    Flash/tune A 2001?

    Hey folks, I've come across a very low mile one owner '01 and I'm trying to find out if the 16bit ecu can be flashed. I've seen a couple references to it but I have also seen discussions of people swapping to a 32bit ecu.If it's that big of an issue I'd rather just look for a nice example with...