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    Ever have your fridge go out?

    Had this problem once, and now we have 2 fridges. 1 garage fridge and 1 main house fridge. Be a squeeze if either went out, but nice to know we have a backup so to speak. We had 1 go bad and just went and bought a nice new one and shoved inside fridge to garage. The circle of life! Penthouse to...
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    Chain Cleaning?

    This is the newest version I found and have been using.
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    Chain Cleaning?

    I clean and lube with Dupont Teflon. Has worked well for over 50k miles on multiple bikes and multiple chains. Buy 3-6 cans at a time on Amazon.
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    CRG Folding Levers for Gen2

    Shipped to 46845 $$ ?
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    Road 5 on stretched gen 1

    Get a spare tire and get a shinko like @Mr Brown said. That Road 5 is not intended to hook like you want, it's made for longer life and "touring". A second rim and tire would be a worthy investment if you wanna ride but also get down from time to time.
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    My Michelin Road 5 review

    So much meat left....I won't show you my old tires when they got retired. I run them down
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    Chain Length

    Add 3 links per inch of stretch.
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    Who Rode Today?

    It's that time of year, so rode up to the lake palace (aka 1970's trailer) to turn the water on so we can start opening it for the season. Nice place, redone alot of the inside so for an old trailer it's not bad! Broke 16k on the odometer during the trip lol
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    What Did You Do To Your Busa, Today?

    Ordered a new hid ballast and bulb. Change color from 6500k to 5500k. And testing my issue with a new ballast as I am narrowing it down to a potentially bad ballast. Hopefully this fixes my issue, I can warranty the current bad ballast, and have a spare ballast AND bulb on hand.
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    NEW LOCATION - 2012 Land Between the Lakes MEAT and EAT

    Northeast Indiana here, would debate a small trip if something was to materialize
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    Cyclops L.E.D. Headlight video install , and review

    Gonna have to order a high beam at least! The low appears to be just a heat sink and no fan? Have heard mixed reviews on no fan LED bulbs.
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    What Did You Do To Your Busa, Today?

    Ready for the reviews!!!!
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    What Did You Do To Your Busa, Today?

    Not the Busa (again), but I did a full buff / polish on the wife's 2001 GSXR 600. Not bad for a chick bike