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    Carbon fiber tail *

    I'm not a fan of the gsxr tail on a gen 2 Hayabusa. Looks like a body builder that skipped leg day. Just my $0.02 thou. I love the gsxr tail ON a gsxr. My 06 was sexy lol
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    How to fix the silver pegs/rearsets?

    Powder coat all day. Stronger and lasts.
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    What Did You Do To Your Busa, Today?

    In lieu of being able to buy the correct springs for suspension and get it setup for my weight, should I crank the compression and rebound etc or what can I even do to get "close" so to speak? Also, lithium battery on a street bike overkill? Only real advantage weight savings? It's like 2x the...
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    Let those unused parts GO!

    Exhaust gaskets would be amazing as long as they fit a 2012, as I would assume they do. What can I toss your way $$??
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    What is your profession ?

    Paintless Dent Repair.
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    Only Busa in a sea of H/D's!

    Same here. They bar hop instead of ride. Even thou they call it a "ride." They only ride bar to bar.
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    What Did You Do To Your Busa, Today?

    Harbor freight. Works good so far. Needs a wheel chock as the factory clamp won't work on my bike. Goes up and down nice, will get use soon with some brake and tire swaps. And a buddy needs a chain and sprocket swap so I offered the labor
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    What Did You Do To Your Busa, Today?

    Bought something to make life easier ....
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    What Did You Do To Your Busa, Today?

    Super clean before the ride yesterday. Buffed out the scratches in the tank, coated it all with some good wax, cleaned rims, clean and lube chain, etc etc etc. I feel like you can eat off this thing usually when I get done cleaning due to some OCD lol
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    Only Busa in a sea of H/D's!

    That is the key!
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    Only Busa in a sea of H/D's!

    I had an event today, Blessing of the bikes. 100's of bikes, maybe 2-3 Non cruiser / HD types. I was for sure the only supersport and Hayabusa. Lol
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    Short extended swingarm pictuers

    Perfect look! Stock tail but a little longer wheelbase. Makes me want to do the same. Last gsxr 1000 was 6" stretch but the tail section still looked good.
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    Its 2019, isnt there something better than a airshifter

    For drag, nothing beats an air shifter. Co2 or compressed air. Some run a quick shifter but that requires a foot up before the 1-2 shift and that can be difficult if you are really launching hard etc. Not much better than a push button shift via air for the strip.
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    Removing dust seals from wheel?

    Only reason I even brought it up is Brock talks about them in his episode where he puts in ceramic bearings. I have heard they are night and day difference, and for the price they better be! At least I didn't ask about brake pad chamfering lol
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    Removing dust seals from wheel?

    Anyone ever do this in search of less rolling resistance? Seems easy just wondered about the downside. Bike is only ridden in rain if I get caught. No pressure washing either.